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Pixel Pushers

On the same night we went to check out the Sanrio Small Gift event, we decided to check out the opening of another exhibit around the corner from our place. Giant Robot and SCION put together an event called Pixel Pushers. It was centered around a SCION that Giant Robot modeled after the Famicom.

Pachinko machines were available for people to play with at the exhibit.

They had a Giant Robot created video game there called Return of the Quack.

Here are some of the super high definition characters from the game.

The plans for designing the Famicom car.

The Giant Robot Famicom car. If you look at the from left headlight, it’s lit up because it’s a projector pushing Return of Quack to a wall in the exhibit.

The car is designed with controllers in place. Did you notice the ignition and the outer door handles are designed after the buttons on the original controllers?

There was some interesting 8-bit art there as well.

I don’t know what the actual name of this piece was, but I like to call it, “Long Live 8-Bit!”

Dissection charts of some of our favorite 8-bit characters.

It was a great way for dads to share their love of video games with their kids.

The back of the car flipped down too with a Wii and second projector, where the exhaust pipe would normally be located.

With all the great new technology coming out surrounding video games, I don’t think 8-bit will ever die. People love the original games and will always create new games in the 8-bit fashion to honor them. I am behind that mentality all the way.

My favorite two things are Star Wars and anything combined with Star Wars.

James Hance has created some artwork where popular characters are tied in with other cultural references, mostly Star Wars.

Eeyore is an AT-AT Walker!

Check out James’ other works here. There’s even a Sesame Street/He-Man piece there.

Harajuku: Goth Meets Rainbow Brite

I’m way behind on my posting. It’s better this way though. I’d rather be living an exciting life than telling you about it, but doing both is not bad either. I’m going to jump out of chronological order to show what I did this weekend, because I am excited.

Michelle and I went to check out Sweet Streets 2, an art show at Gallery Nucleus displaying the Harajuku fashion and lifestyle through art.

This particular piece was a tapestry. Damn that’s a lot of dedication.

There were DJ’s spinning Japanese pop music there too.

There were even live painting/sketching demonstrations. I believe the girl in the middle is being drawn.

Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite piece titled “Harajuku Boy.”

The entire thing is done with different textured paper. I liked this piece a lot.

I liked it so much that I bought it. That red dot there is mine.

After a little bit of searching I found the artist, Megan Brain. She does some really cool stuff. It’s always nice to see art done without paint or ink.

Judge me by my size, do you?

A friend sent me a link to this poster that I think is absolutely awesome. I told him I would buy it, but I didn’t want to make my marriage the shortest marriage in history. His response was, “But Michelle might like it. It’s leafy.”

Check out the posterĀ here. It’s on sale today.

So Much This Weekend

A lot happened this weekend. A LOT! I’ll have to break it down into a couple smaller posts as not to overwhelm the Internet with drunken, tasty activity.

Friday night Michelle got free access to the preview of Outdoor Cinema Food Fest. Every Saturday night in July and August they will be showing films outdoors in different parks in LA. They’re playing some great films, but the draw for us as well as other people I’m sure is the food trucks. Different food trucks are going to make appearances at the shows.

India Jones was there, and of course Michelle had to ask them to add some heat to our Butter Chicken Curry.

Buttery and spicy. An artery-clogging, butthole-burning meal. It’s so good.

Fishlips Sushi. This goes against everything I know about sushi. Don’t order it out of the trunk of some guys car, but I guess this is okay since it’s a truck? It was fresh, and Temari style is a great way to serve it. It looks great.

Of course the Grilled Cheese Truck was there. Gruyere is an awesome cheese. It’s like swiss, except they don’t cheat you out of cheese because there are no holes in this one.

Grilled cheese isn’t the same without tomato soup. However, I will tell everyone to pass on the tomato soup (if you can even call it that) from the truck. Have you ever eaten diet frozen dinners with marinara sauce? That is what this tastes like. There is no depth to this watery tomato-flavored bowl of wetness.

People gathered on the lawn. We couldn’t stick around, because we had places to be but it was a nice, quick stop for us since we didn’t know what we wanted for dinner.

This is where we were heading. Crazy 4 Cult. Unfortunately the line was ridiculously long and people were getting more upset than usual for people taking cuts because there were limited prints for sale. I’ll have to check out this week perhaps.

We decided we still needed our fill of culture, so we went to Thinkspace Art Gallery to check out an artist Michelle likes.

Dan-ah Kim does some incredible mixed media pieces. If I had some more money I’d consider buying this piece.

These next sets of pictures are actually from another artist that is exhibiting in the same gallery. I like his stuff. This is part of Yosuke Ueno’s “Negative Never Again” collection.

I love the colors she uses just in the background on her paintings. They make the canvas look like they’re glowing.

This one reminds me of my past.

Guess who was at Thinkspace? No, we didn’t. We’re on wedding diets. Three food trucks is enough for one night, especially since it was only Friday night and more weekend had to be survived.

Lunch Bag Art

I Twittered about this a while back, but for those of you with half a million friends I don’t know if you saw it. This guy isĀ  extremely talented and he must care about his kids quite a bit to do this every day. My ability to draw is zero. If I had to do something for my kids (It’s called hypothetical. I don’t have them…not that I know of anyway.) I’d have to use what little talents I do possess.

Crap, I just realized I don’t have any talents that stand out. I honestly just realized that I am mediocre at most of the stuff I do. I suppose I’m decent at taking photos of my friends and Photoshopping them into compromising positions with each other, but that’s hardly acceptable for my kids’ lunches.

What would you do to make every lunch day special for your kids?

Another Fun Packed Weekend

I don’t know when the last time I had a weekend to do nothing. I always say that I’m going to do nothing but end up doing lots of fun stuff. This weekend was no exception. Be sure to read the whole post for all the pictures and video highlights.

It started out Friday night with a trip down to Cal State Long Beach’s Pyramid to watch Michelle’s cousin Ashley play volleyball. She is on the women’s volleyball team, and her birthday is this week, so the whole family went to watch her play. They wiped the floor with Cal State Bakersfield, which was just what I wanted to see, because afterwards we got to go eat pizza. I haven’t has a victory pizza party in so long. Perhaps that is because I haven’t won anything in a long time.

CSULB is on the right side. Ashley is the one with the long pony tail and all the energy.

During the break between the second and third game, the band played this song.

Saturday was spent putting a dresser from IKEA together for Michelle. Those Swedes sure know how to give you almost all the parts you need to build furniture. After getting through everything, the last drawer won’t fit together. They tapped holes in the wrong part. Idiots!

We decided that it was time to use a gift card that one of my customers gave to me. It was at the always classy Chili’s. With only twenty five dollars on the card, I decided we should just use up the card and be done with it. I figured a couple of drinks each should cover it. Well we ended up have three drinks each and the bill only came to twenty seven bucks. I’m thinking about making Chili’s a regular watering hole for that price. The rest of the night was spent watching The Office on DVD until sleep overtook us.

Sunday was the day to hit up the MOCA to see the Takashi Murakami exhibit. Almost everyone has seen his work in pop culture, but it is really cool to see his works in person. There was one room full of strange, creepy toys that I labeled, “Youth of Japan’s Road to Sexual Deviancy.” Seriously, I don’t know where people draw the line between art as creative expression and just plain weird. I wish I could explain better what I saw, but cameras were not allowed, and these following pictures are most certainly not from my camera.





After the exhibit, Michelle and I headed over to Santa Monica to check out Father’s Office, a trendy bar famous for its beer and burgers. My aunt lives a few blocks away from this place and is always picking up burgers to go from here. The burgers and fries are excellent, but Father’s Office needs to get over itself. They don’t even serve you ketchup, because it’s so commoner. Every red blooded American uses ketchup at least once in a while on burgers and fries. It’s a staple.





On top of all the fun stuff I listed here, you can check out the world and outer world adventures we had this weekend on Michelle’s website. It looks like I can rest when I die. Here’s to another jam packed weekend, followed by grueling week at work.