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My Updated Aquarium

That is all.

Fish are Friends

This is my fish tank. It’s calming to watch. All the plants in the tank are live plants. I’m waiting for them to grow and fill in a little bit to remove the gaps in the tank.

Bristle Nose Pleco.

Siamese Algae Eater.

German Blue Ram Cichlid.

Another Ram Cichlid.

Angelfish. Big and small.

Panda Cory taking on a bigger meal than he can stomach.

Angelfish again.

Smaller Bristle Nose Pleco. This one barely has bristles.

I love my fish tank. It’s not very much work to maintain, much less than any other pet you might have, and it’s very relaxing to sit and watch. While most people don’t see it, fish have personalities. It’s not like I just keep a box of water in my living room.

Isn’t She an Angel?

Normally I save my musings on fish and aquarium related writings for my other blog, which I update infrequently. This is not just a picture, however. This means I’m actually picking up my camera and learning how to use it. I still haven’t cracked open the manual to figure out where all the controls are on this particular camera. I’m just fiddling with it blindly.


After 300+ shots, this is one of the best. Unfortunately fish don’t sit still and pose for pictures. Taking pictures through glass also limits the angles you can take photos.

What should I name him, or is it her? This particular species is hard to identify gender, so maybe a gender neutral name would work.

Still a Good Weekend

This weekend thus far has been strange, kind of all over the place. There was a little bit of work involved in the process, but it’s still better than being stuck in the office. Here’s a quick photo recap thus far of the weekend.

Although work has been kicking my ass so bad that I haven’t had time to read the manual, that hasn’t stopped me from getting some time with the D90. Here is my freshwater tropical tank. The sensor on this thing is so awesome. This picture is taken without a tripod and no other lights on in the room.

Stewie arrived on Friday. Creepy, huh? I put him in the family room window to watch our naked neighbor. Yeah, I have a naked neighbor.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in Stewie’s head, it’s the Family Guy Total World Domination Collection. I bought this collection for $60.00! How can you beat that?

I’m sure you’ve all heard that fires are raging in California right now. I’ve been watching the news all day. Fortunately I’m in an area that is safe from the fires, but just to show you how bad it is, this is the view from my backyard. What you’re seeing on the left before the smoke clouds consume it is the beginning of the Redondo Beach. Normally the view goes all the way up the coastline to Ventura. Hopefully the fires will be contained soon and people can get back to their normal lives as soon as possible.

This is what I am currently doing. Work. Beer. Computers. That’s Michelle from michellewoo.com on the left.

This weekend is shaping up to be strange to say the least but definitely fun.

Meet Montgomery

I know I have a whole separate website dedicated to my fish keeping now, but I just had to share the latest addition to my fish collection. Allow me to introduce Montgomery, my Halfmoon Betta. When the weather warms up, I will try to mate this fine specimen. Who wants their own fish?

Aquascaping 101

I’ve been inspired to redesign my fish tank. I have decided to set aside a little bit of time to make sure I clean up the look of my tanks. Why the sudden interest again? Practical Fishkeeping published the results to the annual aquascaping competition. These guys are the cool kids in the “It’s still fish keeping and therefore still kind of lame” world. I want to be like these guys, the king of the losers! See my initial tank transformation after the jump.


Here is my tank with lots of the same plant. It’s a bit too green, kind of boring.


I received some new plants with a few more colors, shapes, and sizes. I am not sure how I want to finalize the look, so I just planted the plants in various locations for now to watch them grow out.

Aquarium Updates

I added a large amount of Java Moss in my Dwarf Crayfish tank. They are happily climbing around in the tangled jungle. There are quite a few of them carrying eggs. That means more crayfish are on their way!





I added some Oto Catfish to my large tank. They swim together and suck on the glass, rocks, and leaves of plants. They’re a bit plain in color, but they swim around very slowly and seemingly very purposefully. They are fun to watch.





Full tank shot. Plants are coming in nicely.

Labor Day Weekend (Lots of Fun and Pictures)

It was a hot Labor Day Weekend. No one can deny that it was miserably hot, but it was also jam packed full of fun. Let’s skip the chit chat and get right into it.

Friday after work, we went to The Edison in Downtown Los Angeles. I knew we were going, but I didn’t think about it, so I had no clothes to wear. A quick stop at Ross fixed that problem right up.



You’d think the old Edison building would have more lights.


Saturday was the day for Lorenzo’s surprise birthday party. The best part was that he prepared all of the food thinking it was for some other event. That’s classic. We went to hang out by the pool and even played a game of Stupid Pong.


Look at the surprise on this guy’s face.


Rule of thirds. One of these three guys is gay. Here’s a hint. It’s not me.



Girlfriends all talking. This can lead to no good.


Thanks for the food, Lo.

Sunday was a day spent at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Michelle was going along to fulfill her duty as the faithful girlfriend and to get a Bubba Gump’s shrimp meal beforehand, but she really ended up liking it. We took the normal admission as well as a behind the scenes tour of the place. Every single parent in a forty mile radius brought their kids here for the long weekend. Since 80% of the parents were Hispanic, there was an average of five kids per pair of parents. You can see some of my videos, including feeding time for the Leafy Sea Dragons and a cleaner shrimp cleaning my hand.


Overpriced but delicious.


Stroller parking took up the whole hall.


These guys are on my list of fish to get when I get a saltwater tank.



Michelle, petting a stingray.


Poking a starfish in the behind the scenes tour.



Divers coming out of the exhibit after feeding.


Standing on top of the tropical reef exhibit.


The girl behind me mentioned “Deuce Bigalow” when we saw this exhibit.




Monday Michelle wanted to check out this small block party held by the owners of The Hundreds brand. It was way too hot out for any kind of outdoor activity other than swimming. I fail to understand how any fashion style can become more than pieces of clothing. There were kids wearing jeans and hoodies in sweltering heat. It makes little sense to me, but more power to those that are able to create a brand name that commands so much power.


They converted the store into an open bar.


I bet they didn’t even have to turn the grill on to cook the meat.


This last picture I took driving home this weekend. I was turning off the road, so it was no longer my problem. Only in Palos Verdes do you see this. That is a long four miles to spend staring at the rears of 30+ cyclists.



‘m going to need everyone to stay calm. PetCo is having a sale through this weekend on glass fish tanks. The price is $1.00 per gallon for tank 20-55 gallons! It is time for everyone to get a fish tank. I upgraded my 10-gallon tank to a 20-gallon. It’s kind of empty as there is a lot more room for the crayfish, but I also decided to add some Guppies. I need to decorate it and add some plants to fill it in a bit.