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Burmese Food?

If I told you we should go out and get some Burmese food, where would you suggest? You’d probably be scratching your head just like me. Fortunately Tony pointed out the Nibban Zay Festival. All the information posted about it was in what I will assume is the Burmese language, so I couldn’t tell you exactly what this festival was about other than they were raising money to repair a temple. I would love to tell you that I came away enlightened about the plight of the Burmese people and in tune with their culture, but I went to eat a few things and that’s it.

The Burmese population out in full force.

This was the first dish. Looking up Burma in Wikipedia, it appears to be Mohinga, their national dish.

Pretty much every dish Michelle went to grab had noodles in it. And peppers.

I’m always wary of Asian drinks and desserts. I do not enjoy them. This is some sort of tea and those floating things I’m not sure.

This was chicken in saffron rice. It was nice and light. You can taste the influence of the neighboring countries in this dish, but the flavors aren’t nearly as strong as a dish you might find in India or Thailand.

Again Michelle picks a dish with noodles. They said this would taste like chicken noodle soup. It did. It was creamy and rich with a little bit of heat, just like how I like my women.

Can’t knock the hustle. A monk selling raffle tickets.

There were lots of things that looked delicious there. I wanted to eat more, but it probably would not have looked good to go vomit at the edge of the festival only to come back to eat more food. Remember, as long as you keep the last portion down, it’s not an eating disorder. And if you’ve had a beer, it’s a drinking problem, not an eating disorder.

On the way back to the car, we came upon some ducks sleeping under a tree.

These ducks have it right. Nap in the shade.

Out of nowhere they all perked up.

These little bastards know when there are picnics, there is free food.

Not this time. Marvin the Martian says no to Duck Dodgers.