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Anaheim Brewery

On Saturday I headed out to Orange County to check out the newly opened Anaheim Brewery.

For some reason they had classic cars on their lot. If you’re going to have a few beers and hit the road, it might as well be a classic, right?

Anaheim Brewery currently has four beers on tap and one they were serving out of gravity drained kegs. Gold Ale, Hef, Red Ale, the 1888, and their Pale Ale.

The place was pretty packed. That window on the left side of this picture shows another room they’re still building out. It looks to be a dining area.

If you sit at the bar you can look through the windows and see their brewing setup. Fun fact: They use steam as their heating source here. That’s a lot less common in micro breweries.

Currently I wouldn’t recommend making a trip to Anaheim Brewery unless you’re already in the area. I wasn’t really impressed by any of their beers except for The 1888. While I’m still learning about beer, the Hef and the Red feel like they could sit in their kegs a bit longer. Maybe it was just a rush to get to opening day. I will probably come back here after the initial rush has died down and try their beers again.

I would be very pleased to come back to find that my initial observations about their beers were wrong. We could all use a little more local craft beer.