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Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

I love Daylight Savings, well at least the half that gives me an extra hour of sleep. I don’t sleep very much, but when I do there is no waking me. There are often times when I wake up in a daze well after my alarm clock should have gone off. I know I set my alarm for the correct time the night before. The only explanation I can give is that my alarm goes off and I turn it off without ever really waking up.

Fortunately, there are annoying people dedicated to waking us up for work. Here are some of the fun alarm clocks that will make sleeping in darn near impossible.

The Neverlate 7-Day Alarm Clock has individual settings for each day with customizable snooze options. For myself, setting the first alarm off an hour and a half before my actual wake up time and having thirty minute snooze intervals would work out perfectly.

The Puzzle Alarm Clock is a fun one. The alarm goes off and the puzzle pieces go flying. To turn it off, you have to put the pieces back into place. After having to solve a puzzle your mind should be awake. It’s far too easy to turn off an alarm and not remember doing it. Making you solve puzzles is a way to get your mind going. Still, I have a feeling I would just pull the plug most of the time.

I like to do my killing first thing in the morning. You can’t kill without being awake, unless you’re a trained killing machine such as myself. That’s the brilliance behind the Laser Target Alarm Clock. Blast your enemy while blasting yourself to alertness.

Have you ever been in charge of watching a kid that won’t sit still? That must have been what the makers of Clocky were thinking. Once this alarm goes off, the clock goes running. I generally keep a glass of water on my night stand. Clocky would just make a mess of things and probably end up enraging me and suffering the same fate as the fax machine in Office Space.