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Akihabara: Electronics, Toys, and Porn

Akihabara is also known as Electric Town. You can buy anything electronic, or electronics related here. There are electronics stores everywhere, but these are not like at home. Imagine Best Buy, stacked on top of Fry’s Electronics, on top of a Game Stop, which is sitting on top of a Verizon store, and then add a camera store on top of that. This would be one of the smaller stores in Akihabara.

Here is one of the multi-level electronics stores in Akihabara.

There are even stores that specialize in old video games. Remember Star Fox?

Don’t forget F-1 Race.

Akihabara also has lots of toy stores in the neighborhood, carrying a lot of action figures and models.

If electronics and action figures weren’t enough to make you think this was a guy’s neighborhood, there is a lot of porn. Just like in the electronics stores, each floor is a separate category of products. Books and comics on floor one. DVDs on two. Video games on three. Yes, they have a floor full of pornographic video games.

Mr. Doughnut!

The first time I had these was in Taiwan.  Delicious.

Do you know what is super weird? Maid cafes. I don’t understand how there is a niche for this type of place. It’s a bunch of girls dressed in maid outfits, addressing customers as master, and charging a lot of money for food and drinks. ¬†It just seems creepy more than anything.

They do make Hello Kitty faces in your drink though. That’s a plus, right?


This is a best tonkatsu I’ve ever had, hands down. The meat is tender, and the breading isn’t heavy. It’s light aand flaky.

If it’s even possible, the shrimp was even better. The attention to detail in the presentation is perfect with the tails fanned out on every shrimp. Well played, Japan.