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Stop Advertising to Friends on Facebook!

I normally don’t care what people do on their social networks, but when it starts spilling over onto my feed, it bothers my inner geek. So I’m going to help you become less of a market research target for Facebook, but mostly I’m going to fix you so that you stop annoying me.

1. Click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of your Facebook page and click on Privacy Settings.

2. Click on Edit Settings on Ads, Apps and Websites.
3. Click on Edit Settings on Ads. (Remember to come back and edit the Apps as well. I’m sure you’re not playing most of those Facebook games or taking those surveys anymore.)
4. Click on Edit third party ad settings.

5. Select no one from the drop down menu and press the Save Changes button. This should return you to the previous page with a notification that the changes have been saved.
6. Click on Edit social ads setting.
7. Repeat step 5.

These steps should stop allowing Facebook to push the ads to your friends’ news feeds. You should also manage the ‘likes’ content. This is what Facebook reads to push social ads to news feeds. Clean this up. Everyone knows you love Target and Amazon, but these big brands are most likely to push the advertising.

1. Go to your timeline
2. Click on the Likes unit (in the section under your cover photo). It is now showing pages for groups/products/famous people you like broken down by year.
3. Click onto any of the years.
4. Click onto the page of any of the things you have liked in the past.
5. On that page, you should see a button showing ✓ Liked. Click on that button and press Unlike.
6. Repeat for other pages.

A lot of people enter contests that require you to ‘like’ their Facebook page. I’d love to tell you just don’t enter, but that’s not going to happen. Just try and remember to clean things out once in a while. It’s better for your privacy and for keeping your friends…online.

Okay, so I have no talent…

I’m tired of being a nine to five worker. I want to be Hollywood. Okay, maybe not Hollywood, but I’d like to get paid for minimal work time and those kids on The Hills seems to have something working for them. But I don’t want to be a douche bag. Maybe I can get one of those gigs as a spokesperson for a major corporation?





Surely I could play one of these people and sell products to millions of viewers with one catch phrase that I utter over and over. If they say I don’t have the face for television, this will be my response.


Put the Jack head on! I’m going to work!

Is This Effective Advertising?

I heard a commercial on the radio on my way to work today. Let me paraphrase it for you.

You shy sister married a stamp collector. No surprise. But she started Tuesday Karaoke Night. Surprise. Your power suit wearing brother joined the Peace Corps. Surprise. You can’t wait to look forward to what other surprises life holds. That’s why you should get a mammogram from Kaiser Permanente.

How is this effective advertising?

Tough Times Call for Booze

The economy is in a slump. It affects everyone from retail stores, food producers, and even Google. In order to expand its income sources, Google will now be allowing alchohol related terms to AdWords.

Really, Google? It took you this long to do this? I think not allowing these terms goes against their policy of “Do no evil.” Let people have their vices. If kids end up ordering booze online, shame on the parents. That’s their job. Leave it to them. Google, you just continue indexing the world and sending me relevant non-intrusive advertisement.

A Little Overzealous, Dell?

The last time I posted about this was about a month ago. There are even more this month. At this rate, I can look forward to seeing over thirty of these by this time next year. I guess Dell isn’t one of those earth friendly vendors. That’s okay, Dell. I wouldn’t be either if I were in your line of business. If you destroy the earth, people won’t be able to go outdoors to hike. They’ll be forced to stay home and sit at their computers, hopefully Dell computers.


Aggressive Marketing

This arrived in today’s mail. Does anyone else think this is a little bit too much? Also, they need to check their quality control on their printing. Hopefully those aren’t printed on Dell printers.

No More Ads…Kinda

I installed a widget for my website to hide ads from regular viewers. Rather than waste resources displaying ads to regular readers, who are unlikely to click on the ads, I have chosen to hide them. Most of you probably won’t even notice as you use some form of Adblock whether you’re on Internet Explorer or Firefox. If you’re not using any built-in browser ad blocking, you shouldn’t see ads as long as the computer you are using sees my website a couple times a week. You’ll still see the title bar for the ads, but the ads should not show up. Let me know if you run into any bugs.

Two, Please!


Some people might be offended by this billboard, but it’s brilliant advertising. This is what advertising is all about. Convince your market that they would be better off with your services. This theory is what the whole “Got Milk?” campaign is based upon. Do your joints feel a little weary? You’d better drink a glass of milk. I doubt the average person will see that billboard and decide to get a divorce, but if there are people that are that suggestible, I bet I could make some money putting up a billboard that reads, “Got Problems? Send Me Your Money!”