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Snow, Beer, and Parties

I’m back from the Paw’s Up Resort in Montana, where I spent half a week for a sales conference in the snow. I know what you’re thinking. Why would you go to where it’s cold during the winter instead of some tropical island? I worried about that every day before I left for the trip, and the whole time until I arrived.

De-icing the plane in Seattle. Apparently the flights before us and after us never made it out.


Bison Chili.

By the time we arrived, about half a foot of snow had fallen.

Snow flakes actually look like the crafts we cut from paper!

Our cabin.

Megan Fox stayed here before us, and she built this snowman. It grew a Marge Simpson style hairdo with all the snow.

Hot tub time machine! Really though. Hot tubs are totally awesome in the snow.

White everywhere.

Afternoon activities.

It was only after we asked the staff to get us a snow shovel that we realized there was a sign that said not to build jumps.

Killer icicles.

We even got to throw hatches and knives, while drinking beer!

Another afternoon’s activities.

The snow stopped and the sun came out, but only after 48 hours and over three feet of snow.

Here I am, enjoying a snow bath.

Waiting at the Seattle airport to go home. I just lucked out on the way home too. Planes didn’t get in or out after my flights again.

Saw this when I looked out the window in LA. Ghost plane!

After waking up at 3AM to get home, I was happy to arrive in LA, but there was no rest for the weary. Michelle and I had three engagements to get to that day.

Happy birthday, Delphi! Babies love me because I look like a cartoon.

Next on the list was my cousin’s housewarming. He had a live band and a DJ. What a way to show the neighbors you’re not going to wreck the neighborhood!

Last but not least we headed to Congregation Ale House in Pasadena for a birthday party. It’s been a long time, but after trying so many Montana brews, I could not bring myself to drink a beer. I know, the beer guy couldn’t drink beer. Weird, huh?

It was good to see everyone after being away so long, but I am still recovering. I have seen enough snow to last me a lifetime.

Looking Good for the In-Laws

I have to fly out on a business trip early Wednesday morning. That means I have to be at the airport at about 5:00 AM. Michelle and I had dinner with my parents last week and the trip came up in conversation.

Mom: When are you leaving?
Me: Early Wednesday morning.
Mom: Do you need a ride to the airport?
Me: No, it’s too early. I was just going to take a shuttle.
Mom: I can take you.
Michelle: I can take you.
Me: You sure? It’s early.
Michelle: Yes.
Me: Okay then we’ll do that.

This morning the conversation was quite different.

Me: Don’t forget we have to go real early to the airport on Wednesday.
Michelle: Awww, man!
Me: Did you just offer to take me after my mom offered so you’d look like a good wife?
Michelle: Yeah. Can you take a shuttle? And also tell your mom I took you?


Snow Days

When Wednesday rolls around this week, this will be me.

I will be at a work conference at the Paws Up resort in Greenough, Montana. The vendor that holds this conference every year for its distributors likes to choose very nice destinations, but this is their first winter destination. I am afraid.

As someone, who has lived half a mile from the ocean for pretty much my whole life, I don’t do cold weather. The weather is currently double this here at home, and I’m already cold. Hopefully I don’t freeze.

Hey, Dell! You suck!

I ordered a laptop for work on 11/1, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it would ship in two days.

Estimated Delivery Date: 11/03/2011

Since then I’ve received an email every business day telling me that the order has been delayed and that I need to confirm the change or the order will be cancelled. There is an option to accept all future delay notices, but that would mean Dell has free reign to continue pushing their ship date back indefinitely. I can understand a business week to ship, and that would be acceptable, but don’t lie to me about being able to ship when you know you can’t do it.

It’s no wonder Apple, HP, and Lenovo are kicking your ass, Dell. Even Gateway has come back from the dead to take a piece of the pie.

And then I went to Michigan

The reason we went to Chicago in the first place was because I had work in Michigan like I do almsot every year. I bid Michelle farewell and drove three hours west into the heart of Michigan.

At least the beds were comfy. Have you ever tried a Sleep Number Bed? It’s interesting. It sort of reminds me of a hospital bed but without having to have your butt showing out the back of your gown.

This is what I did for two days. It was school all over again.

It wasn’t all work though. 1964, The Beatles tribute band!

You can see that they’re pretty good. Ringo actually drums like Ringo and Paul is actually left handed.

There was one very bright spot to my visit to Michigan though. I found out that Bell’s Brewery is twenty miles outside of where I visit, and they have a second brand that resides in the city of Kalamazoo, MI where I stay every time I’m out there. Here I am with a taster. I think the tasting board is Lake Michigan or one of the other Great Lakes.

As you can see, they’re known for their stouts, and they are good at them. Their Two Hearted IPA and dry hopped lager Quinannan Falls are great beers too.

Rule #4253 of Sales

I was told never to turn down a product from a customer. They take pride in their manufacturing production process and the end product. I’ve taken home cheesecake, pie, and ice cream even though I’m not a big dessert eater.

This customer, however, makes it far to easy to follow this rule. I also got quite a few tips on how to improve my home brew.

This can’t be cost efficient to make.

I found this in my office. How can it be less expensive to sell rubber bands in a ball than in a loose pack? I think we’re paying too much for office supplies.

Lunch at Work

I work with my dad, and sometimes my mom will send a sandwich to the office for me. This morning I had this email.

I sent a sandwich for you with dad. Ask him to save it for you in frig if you’re not in the office today, or he’s liable to give it away – 3 pieces of bacon!!

My mom’s the best.

Creepy Scenery

Here are some creepy photos I took while working out in the field.

That is all.

Alive and Moving

My website has gone to the dumps recently, even more so now that I’ve been moving. I am simultaneously moving Michelle and myself out of our apartment while moving our office and warehouse for work. I’m very tired.

You can’t see how deep the warehouse is, but we have a long way to go. Drilling and bolting all these shelves down to the concrete is going to be insane.

The nice thing about 10-hour days of physical labor is that I can pretty much eat whatever I want. I had five slices of pizza for lunch one day. After moving some stuff home this weekend I stopped at the local burger joint and decided to go nuts.

Me: Can I get a bacon cheeseburger with pastrami on top if it?
Cashier: Oh, what you want is the Colossal Burger and add bacon to it.
Me: There’s already a name for this burger?!
Cop behind me: Get it. It’s awesome.

I did, and it was.

After my colossal lunch, Michelle’s family came over to look at the new place. They put out some eggs for the Easter egg hunt.

Counting their treasure.

To summarize it all, things are pretty rough right now, and I’m pretty tired. I will be back to my normal fun-loving self soon enough I hope.