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The Craft Beer Pedistal

I believe there’s a problem with the craft beer audience, which is affecting the craft beer industry. People are more enamored with the idea of craft beer than the actual beer itself. Consumers are blindly and hungrily devouring anything craft without paying enough attention to the actual beer.

The general consensus of the public is that craft beer is the polar opposite of the American Lite Lager. Breweries have been pushing bigger beers, because that is seemingly what the market wants. People are seeking out super hoppy, barrel aged, and beers with the oddest adjuncts, because they are seemingly more craft.

The shelves in any craft beer section speak to this. Green Flash’s Palate Wrecker. Rogue’s Voodoo Doughnut. Ballast Point’s Indra Kunindra. Wynkoop’s Rock Mountain Oyster Stout. Just recently they announced a Walking Dead beer, brewed roasted goat brains.

The problem this causes is that craft beer is moving so far to the extreme that craft beer is losing part of the market. Craft beer should be the full spectrum of the flavor rainbow, but it’s losing the lighter side of things. There is a disconnect between the craft beer available and the palate of a newcomer to the beer scene. The taste of the beer is a turn off to a lot my friends that are having to jump into beer, because there are no small steps to take.

This is not to say these bigger beers should not be made. They are also on the flavor spectrum for craft beer, and people do enjoy these beers. I enjoy some of them myself, but I think the mass of the consumers are drinking craft for craft’s sake, unknowingly shaping the market to one extreme.

There are breweries that do make awesome smaller beers, which I believe are great stepping stones into the beer scene and even great staples once you’re into beer, but they’re not reaching the consumers nearly as much. It’s not just reaching the taps and shelves that count. It’s about getting people to understand that this is also good craft beer It doesn’t make you any less cool to drink a beer that won’t destroy your palate or knock you on your ass after a single pint.

In the end, drink what you like. Cheers!

Too Healthy

Doctor: You are underweight.
My Brain: I knew it! Michelle’s been telling me to exercise for nothing! I’m sexy and I know it! Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle!
Doctor: *looks at me* Wait, how tall are you?
Me: *Brought out of my sexy dance routine daydream.* Huh? Oh, 5’7″.
Doctor: The nurse wrote down you’re 6’6″.  Still, I wouldn’t say you’re overweight though…well…maybe five pounds.

I knew I shouldn’t have worn my steel toed work shoes to the doctor’s office!

You suck, Macy’s.

As not to bore you with all the details, here is the timeline of the hell that we have been through with Macy’s furniture and are still going through currently.

7/21/11 – We purchase a dining room table with a bench. Macy’s doesn’t tell us the furniture is not available until October. I wish they would’ve noted that when I purchase it, but that’s okay. No major family gatherings until the holidays, right?

10/5/11 – I receive a voicemail from Macy’s to let me know that our furniture is ready for delivery so I schedule it.

10/13/11 – I receive a voicemail from Macy’s that they’re not getting the table until December 15th. They’ve moved the table to another sales order so they have to leave special notes that I want them delivered together.  They still call four times to tell me our furniture is ready for delivery when it’s just the bench, and I have to keep responding that we don’t want them delivered separately.

We pretty much gave up on having our dining room table ready for Thanksgiving, so we scrapped plans to host at our place and tell our families to come over for Christmas.

10/19/11 – I receive a call from Macy’s telling me the table is going to be available on November 5th and to schedule delivery. Holy crap, they came through! I ask them to double check, and it turns out it’s just the bench sales order they’re looking at and the table won’t be available until after Christmas.

We had Christmas dinner on a shitty folding table and an IKEA table because Macy’s couldn’t deliver our table within five months.

I got a call this week to schedule delivery, so I called this morning expecting for it to be the bench only again. I got a pleasant surprise. The table is in now! They double checked and it’s finally arrived, but to think that Macy’s could give me all good news would be too much. Yesterday they cancelled our order for the bench and reassigned it a new sales order number and that won’t be available until February 11th. That means the bench they’d been holding since October was given away to someone else.

At this point I am so angry with Macy’s. I have absolutely zero faith that Macy’s will hit that February date for the bench, and even if they did meet that date, they would probably give away our table and assign it another sales order number before then. Macy’s has offered one option to me, cancel my order. I would but I feel like I’ve come so far. I believe I will just use the dining room table as a conversation piece to slam Macy’s.

Here is my advice to you. Don’t ever buy from Macy’s Furniture.


Setting the bar real low…

I’ll be honest. I kind of forgot that I had a blog for a couple weeks after Thanksgiving. Then it was the holiday season, and I figured you could all use a break from me, but for now I guess this post means I’m back for the new year.

Is this living?

I am just writing to let you all know that I am still alive. I apologize to my single Canadian reader. I’ve gotten busy with life, although I don’t know what part of this you’d call living.

Work has gotten pretty busy. We are about six weeks from moving into a new building. On top of daily work I’ve been figuring out logistics of the move. Unfortunately this all coincides with the time Michelle and I have to move lout of our apartment. That means one day out of every weekend will be spent moving the office, and the other will be spent moving personal things.

So through the middle of May I will be occupied. Boo!

In other fun news I got an iPad 2 for work. I’m actually typing this post on it right now. The verdict? It is a fun toy but typing on it bloooooows.

That’s all that I got on my mind right now. See you in May but hopefully a couple of times in between.

Remember when we had a dance off to save the rec center?

This is how it went down.

My favorite two things are Star Wars and anything combined with Star Wars.

James Hance has created some artwork where popular characters are tied in with other cultural references, mostly Star Wars.

Eeyore is an AT-AT Walker!

Check out James’ other works here. There’s even a Sesame Street/He-Man piece there.

Decluttering Life and Mind

Do you guys have a lot of things? I purposely use the word “things” because it trivializes any value that an object may possess. That’s what I have in my life. Things. We could all make our lives a bit simpler by getting rid of unnecessary clutter, but how do you bring yourself to get rid of things? Take this for instance.

James Bond memorabilia.

It’s limited edition. 26/199! I must keep it!

This was given to me as a gift from a friend, probably the result of him doing some simplifying of his own. It’s kind of cool to own something special. I haven’t brought myself to throw it away or sell it. Any big James Bond fans out there looking for something to collect dust?

What do you hang on to that you don’t need to in your life?

Billionaires make it rain from clouds of charity.

It’s a well known fact that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are two of the world’s richest men. Some people also know that they are not giving the majority of their fortunes as an inheritance to their children. They are donating most of it to charity both now and after they leave this earth. Now they are encouraging other wealthy Americans to do the same with The Giving Pledge. They’re specifically targeting billionaires, probably because it’s probably too tough to get rappers to commit to the pledge because they need icy hot chains. Cash Money Millionaires, you’re safe. But they’re coming for you Oprah, Walmart family, and Google executives!

I have to say it’s refreshing to know that there are people that understand the limits of wealth. When you have so much wealth that there’s no way you can possibly spend it all, giving it away is a sight I welcome. Good for anyone that commits to this pledge. I hope one day to be able to commit to such a noble cause, because that also means I will be so filthy, stinking rich that I won’t know what to do with my money. Right now just being filthy and stinking doesn’t cut it.

Living away from home is expensive.

Me: Did you know laundry is $2.25 per load to wash and dry in my building? Do you want to make $2.25 per load of laundry?
Mom: That’s just to use the machines. That’s not including detergent and dryer sheets.
Me: Okay, well then how does $2.50 sound. That includes folding and delivery, right?
Mom: Delivery fees are high.
Me: You deliver food already to work. Let’s just use the same courier.

I think I’m just going to sneak in and do my laundry when they’re not around. My laundry will be free until they change the locks on me.