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We’re Number Three! We’re Number Three!

Am I disappointed? A loss is always disappointing. I am still impressed with the Bruins and the way they played. It’s tough coming against a team you lost against the previous year. On top of that, the Bruins played against a team that brought back its top seven scorers.

I was particularly impressed with Josh Shipp’s performance in the game. He proved himself to be a useful scoring tool for the Bruins. Unfortunately with Afflalo, Mata, and Mbah a Moute all in foul trouble so early in the game, it really hurt the Bruins. The Bruins’ defense is heavily based on hedging, and the officials weren’t allowing physical basketball to be played.

I was still impressed with UCLA’s defense. They put a clamp down on Noah, Horford, and Green. UCLA definitely made their presence felt, really causing Green to make some horrible decisions running the game. However with Brewer and Humprey getting their shots to fall from the perimeter, it was just too much. When one team just gets shots to fall, that pretty much seals the deal.

Noah better hope his team wins the championship with a performance better than tonight’s game, or else he will drop a lot of spots in the NBA draft. I’m really not sure how well they will draft in the future. Being forced to choose a school for at least a year for the kids that can’t go to the NBA right after high school, I would be choosing schools that have a shot at the title. Florida has no team to go after the title next year.

For UCLA it’s a different story. The Bruins are going to make a run at the title for the next few years coming. We have great players staying on the team, and the number one center coming in next year, giving us size that we haven’t had in the past two years. With Afflalo’s lackluster performance this game, I hope he stays another year to prove himself and hopefully raise his NBA draft position.

On a different perspective on the game, let me point out some things. Humprey is so feminine looking. I think his man prettiness throws people off, giving him his open looks at the basket. Hopefully Mata makes it to pro ball, because with a face like that, he has no other way of getting chicks. I think Noah never made faces in the mirror as a child, because he has the ugliest expressions I’ve ever seen when he gets excited.

Sports and American Cars

As I drove to work today in my rental Chrysler Sebring, it is no surprise Daimler is trying to get rid of them. While the car is a vast improvement on American cars I have driven in the past, the focus is in all the wrong places. Listening to Wagner’s Flight of the Valkeralkyries on Sirius Satellite Radio through Boston Accoustic speakers and singing, “Kill the Wabbit,” they still have a car that drives like ass and looks like ass. While cars of the future may be about entertaining and less about the driving, we are nowhere near that. Get a clue and make a car that doesn’t suck.

Well we’re down to the Final Four. Really, that is all you can ask for in a college basketball program. March Madness used to be a complete crapshoot. Anyone could take it in the tournament, but now with the NBA rule, kids can’t go pro right out of high school. This means that kids that are good enough to play pro ball are forced to go to college for a year, and they end up at schools with big basketball programs. There will be fewer Cinderella stories and fewer upsets.

That being said, it is really anyone’s tournament right now, except for Georgetown. I just don’t believe in the team. People are already talking about the UCLA/Florida rematch, but it is not the same. Although the player of the game last year for UCLA is now with the Lakers, UCLA is a far superior team without him. Josh Shipp is back this year and combined with Michael Roll they are a pair of great shooters, something UCLA will be able to employ against Florida’s big men. This year, Aaron Afflalo can do soemthing he could not do a year ago. He can create his own shot. These factors combined will make UCLA more of a team to reckon with in this year’s tournament. Plus, we have Mata. We can totally scare them with his ugly face.

March Madness: Aptly Named

For those of you that have been watching the tournament this year, it has been some incredible basketball. Teams are performing very well. Just yesterday’s games were intense with 3 out of 4 games coming down to the last seconds. It was raining 3’s, and blocks were everywhere.

I have been very pleased with UCLA’s performance in the tournament. They’re not the highest scoring team, but they know how to put a stop to the other high scoring teams. Even though it seems contradictory to what a Bruin should want, I am secretly rooting for USC and Oregon. Why would I do this? I want PAC-10 money. When UCLA beat USC in football this year, they cost the PAC-10 a whole lot of money by taking the championship away from a PAC-10 team. That was totally worth it though.

Go Bruins!