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Socialist Sports.

I read an article about a high school basketball team that won one of its games 100-0. Now a followup article is stating that the winning coach was fired for not apologizing. Are you kidding me?

Shame on the administration for terminating this coach for doing his job. He is there to make the team as good as possible, while teaching good work ethics. I can understand letting some of the second string players into the game, but letting the other team have gimme points would be a disgrace.

By letting the other team back into the game as a freebie, the message it sends to the winning team is that you should work hard enough just to get the win. Don’t try to excel. Just play up to the level of the competition. This is why people suck at their jobs. They’ve been taught to work just hard enough not to get fired.

This is a lesson learned for the losing team also. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll get a free pass from kindness of people’s hearts. Wrong! This is why you have these douchebags on American Idol thinking they can sing. Everyone has been softening the blows, in essence giving them free points on the court.

Sports, like many other aspects of life, are competitions. If you’re not going to compete, don’t bother coming. If you can’t compete, don’t bother coming. No one wants to see the Everybody Wins Games.

Sportsmanship is Lame

The big UCLA vs. USC game will be taking place this Saturday. Both teams will be making the cross town trek to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, but UCLA is the home team.

In an effort to bring back an old tradition, USC coach Pete Carroll requested that the Trojans be allowed to wear their home jerseys so that both teams could be wearing their home team jerseys. Unfortunately for Carroll and his team, this will cost them a one timeout penalty to do this. They have opted to take this penalty and the Bruins coach, Rick Neuheisel, has offered to burn a timeout in an act of sportsmanship.

Are you kidding me? If UCLA wanted an even playing field, they should have USC burn all of their timeouts, play the game with nine players, and have all their receivers wear mittens. (You know, like gloves but with no individual fingers.)

UCLA’s slim chances of winning aside, it’s absolutely ridiculous that USC is allowed to break a rule to the game, just for tradition. It’s not like they have been wearing their home jerseys up until this season. They changed the rule in the 80’s! If they want to go back to tradition, they should go back to the goofy leather helmets and bring in cheerleaders with skirts down to their ankles.

I’m just pissed off, because the only excuse I can come up with for the pitiful play that will occur on Saturday is, “We’re more of a basketball school. Just think John Wooden.”

Los Calcetines Rojos Son El Diablo

Well, the baseball season is over for the Angels. I am a little bit sad and somewhat caught in a state of disbelief. The Angels were the team to beat coming into the playoffs, but they just couldn’t get things together. The Red Sox must have made a deal with the devil. How else do you beat a team of heavenly beings?

What is even more surprising than the Angels early departure from the playoffs is the tear the Dodgers are on right now. I know Manny is a talented player, but I had no idea he would bring such dynamics to the rest of the team. The team is hitting like crazy right now. How great would it be to see Manny face his old teammates in the World Series?

Then I could cheer on the Dodgers and claim I’m more of a Dodgers fan anyway, just like all the rest of the “fans” in Los Angeles. Yeah, right. My heart is with the Angels. Go Halos! We’ll be back next year.

Just Like Poker

You have to live life like you play poker. Sometimes the chips are up, and sometimes the chips are down.

Chips for winners. That middle bag looks like a regular bag of tortilla chips.

Chips for losers. Come on, UCLA. Win and then I’ll buy these.

Who Would Buy This Game?

You have got to be kidding me. Who in their right minds would purchase this? When you score on your friends instead of saying, “this is why I make the big bucks,” you get to shout things like, “I’m going to be drafted first round to a team that has no chance of making the playoffs!” I’m sure they just took the NBA Live game engine and threw in some college jerseys and more white players.

Could they have picked a worse player for the cover? I guess it’s better than Joakim Noah’s ugly mug.

Did the marketing department actually watch March Madness?

I think this would make a much better cover.

Busy Weekend #1

Well, the busy month of June is in effect. Here is the recap. Pictures will follow.

Friday, I spent the day working at a hospital. I walked through the trauma center. It’s pretty boring, just a bunch of people standing around and holding their bleedings wounds. I did get to see the side of the hospital that a lot of people don’t get to see though.

Afterwards I went to Kyung’s place for his “House Cooling Party.” It’s pretty ingenious. You have housewarming parties to get things to furnish your place. Then when you want to throw away crap you don’t want to pack, you invite people over and force them to take something with them. We watch Star Wars, played Wii Fit, and Rock Band while drinking Mojitos and Jello shots with far too much alcohol that Kyung was trying to dispense with before his move.

Saturday was spent cleaning out the garage during the day. In the evening I went to the super party at my cousins’ place. I called it the super party, because two of them graduated from MIT, one from Harvard Westlake, and my uncle and one of my cousins had a birthday that week. They had delicious food and drink available. I headed out early to Arsenal to go to Alice’s 30th 28th birthday party celebration. That was a lot of fun. It was good to see friends let loose and get a little crazy.

Sunday I had Father’s Day brunch at The Jonathan Club. If you haven’t heard of it, it means you aren’t a classy individual like me. Actually it probably means you don’t have rich, white relatives or in my case, relatives of relatives. Brunch was delicious with home made waffles to sushi. Donald Sutherland was even there enjoying brunch before the Lakers game.

The Lakers have made the series 3-2. It matters only for saving a little bit of face. While I will cheer whole heartedly for the purple and gold, I do not believe it to be realistic for them to take home the title this year, nor do I feel like they deserve it. With the way they lost the last game and the way they almost screwed up tonight’s game, they have a lot of work to do. When the confetti started coming down tonight after their win I said, “Put it back in the ceiling. They don’t deserve it.”

While the immediate excitement and focus is on the finals, I’m interested in the Lakers’ future. They are a young team. Unlike the Celtics, they have paved a road for future success, not just immediate glory. The Celtics have a couple more years to shoot for the title. KG and Ray Allen will slow down each year, and the Celtics will be in a rebuilding mode again without a shot at the title. The Lakers, however, have some promising young talent that Phil Jackson can hopefully develop while padding the roster with new superstars in the future.

Now Enrolling

All levels of skill are welcome. Paul Pierce’s School of Acting and Performing Arts is now open for registration. At the end of the course, your performances are guaranteed to inspire arenas full of people. F you, Massholes! We’ll be back with a vengeance!

Bowling, The Musical

This weekend was jam packed with fun. I didn’t get to finish all my work I took home, but that is the sign of a truly fun weekend I suppose. There are tons of pictures, so stay with me.

Friday started out with happy hour at Ra. Michelle was already there with her work, and they were drinking their fair share as usual. I met up with Randall, Vicky, Fred, and some of Randall’s medical colleagues. After that Michelle and I headed to El Cid to watch a show for her work. We say Big Phony, who of course is Korean. That guy is super nice, offering to get my money back because I came with Michelle for her work, and when the bouncer was busy he was trying to fork out some cash from his own wallet. I’m glad I didn’t take it, because during his set he kept talking about how poor he was, doing the Master Cleanse because he was too poor to eat. He’s a pretty talented guy, and you should check him out if you’re into music from the Juno Soundtrack.

Buy stuff, so he can eat food.

The band before Big Phony. We just call her “Tall Girl.”

Bobby Choy, Big Phony himself.

Big Phony and the rest of the band with crowd in front.

Saturday I got a chance to see Randall’s place, a little closer to being completed. We got to test out his bowling alley. I figured out how the back end works, so now I can get a job as the bowling lane operator and live under the stairs at his house. Unfortunately Fred and Spencer went ahead and broke the damn thing. Now I have to get a job running the theater or bar tending.

Randall’s alley wasn’t the only bowl on Saturday. I was lucky enough to be given tickets to the Hollywood Bowl to see The Cure. The concert was incredible. Robert Smith knows how to perform. I’ve never seen The Cure live, and I didn’t know what to expect as far as the vocals went, but it was superb. Watching people in their 30’s dance awkwardly with moves that look like they choreographed them before the concert is kind of painful.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Cure!

Robert Smith. Great vocals in a strange looking package.

Sorry about my, and everyone else’s, added vocals. I was excited.

As if happy hour, bowling, and a couple music events weren’t enough, we topped off the whole weekend with a baseball game. Michelle, Annie, Alice, and I went to see the Blue Jays play the Angels. After stopping at Guppy Tea House to make sure they had plenty of Asian food to enjoy with America’s favorite pastime, we went to the game.

Sometimes I think I need a hat this large to hold all my thoughts inside my head.

Two of these girls could care less about the game. Guess which two?

“We’re going to sit in those empty seats, get some sun, and read magazines.”

Alice knows what baseball games are about, but I made her pay for rooting against the Angels.

“Beer makes me sleepy. Maybe they won’t notice if I take a quick nap.”

Bases loaded, bottom of the 9th. The pitcher hits the batter to tie the game and then gives up a hit to lose. Angels win! In your face, Alice!

June looks to be packed all month. Stay tuned for more.

Life in a Box

We have a renter for the old house. It all happened so quickly. Within a week we had a renter and had to clean up the old house in a hurry. Digging through all the old stuff I found some cool things. I dug up my baseball cards and comic books, which are completely worthless.

These bring back so many memories. If the house wasn’t already a mess, and I didn’t fear my mom, I would break these bad boys open and start playing in the living room.

The icing on the cake. The Millennium Falcon. My brother and I were pretty spoiled, because even though the box says, ACTION FIGURES SOLD SEPARATELY, we had all of those as well.

Not everything growing up was nerdy. I was also a star athlete.

Just to prove I’m not taking credit for my brother’s accomplishments.

Talk About a Good Sport

ESPN wrote this story about true sportsmanship. This is the kind of touching underdog sports story that would bring a tear to your eye, that is if softball was actually a sport. I’ll save my tears for Rudy. Still, it is a great example of sportsmanship. It’s not all about winning, especially in women’s sports.