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Stop Advertising to Friends on Facebook!

I normally don’t care what people do on their social networks, but when it starts spilling over onto my feed, it bothers my inner geek. So I’m going to help you become less of a market research target for Facebook, but mostly I’m going to fix you so that you stop annoying me.

1. Click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of your Facebook page and click on Privacy Settings.

2. Click on Edit Settings on Ads, Apps and Websites.
3. Click on Edit Settings on Ads. (Remember to come back and edit the Apps as well. I’m sure you’re not playing most of those Facebook games or taking those surveys anymore.)
4. Click on Edit third party ad settings.

5. Select no one from the drop down menu and press the Save Changes button. This should return you to the previous page with a notification that the changes have been saved.
6. Click on Edit social ads setting.
7. Repeat step 5.

These steps should stop allowing Facebook to push the ads to your friends’ news feeds. You should also manage the ‘likes’ content. This is what Facebook reads to push social ads to news feeds. Clean this up. Everyone knows you love Target and Amazon, but these big brands are most likely to push the advertising.

1. Go to your timeline
2. Click on the Likes unit (in the section under your cover photo). It is now showing pages for groups/products/famous people you like broken down by year.
3. Click onto any of the years.
4. Click onto the page of any of the things you have liked in the past.
5. On that page, you should see a button showing ✓ Liked. Click on that button and press Unlike.
6. Repeat for other pages.

A lot of people enter contests that require you to ‘like’ their Facebook page. I’d love to tell you just don’t enter, but that’s not going to happen. Just try and remember to clean things out once in a while. It’s better for your privacy and for keeping your friends…online.

I can’t draw.

Pretty much everyone is aware the hot new iOS game is Draw Something, a turn-based drawing game much like Pictionary. Some people create incredible drawings. I do not have the ability to do so, but the great thing is that it isn’t necessary to be good at the game.

Here is one of my drawings. Nothing fancy but gets the job done.

It does help if your friend can read the word correctly when he draws.

Michelle is pretty good at the game. I’m surprised she attempts to draw people, because I barely keep up with entertainment.


I ever got this one! It’s hard to see behind the guess, but I think she’s peeing on the ground.

Sometimes you have to know who your parter is and draw accordingly. There’s no way I could have guessed JLo any other way than the South Park reference.

Then there are just some drawings you wish you could take back.

Draw Something is a pretty fun game. If you want to play me, my username is the same as my Twitter handle. Let’s play and soon you too can have phallic fungi drawings sent to you!


The Force is strong with my family.

Check out those hot kicks my niece is wearing! I bought them and had them shipped to my brother’s house. My sister-in-law thought my brother ordered them and got mad. I’m not sure why though. Clearly these shoes are not just for boys.

If only peopled liked me this much all the time.

Thanks, everyone for reading my rant about Macy’s blunder. I felt good just knowing that people cared enough to read, and a lot of you even chimed in with your own horror stories of Macy’s. Now if you could all continue to visit my website daily, that’d be great.

Hey, Dell! You suck!

I ordered a laptop for work on 11/1, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it would ship in two days.

Estimated Delivery Date: 11/03/2011

Since then I’ve received an email every business day telling me that the order has been delayed and that I need to confirm the change or the order will be cancelled. There is an option to accept all future delay notices, but that would mean Dell has free reign to continue pushing their ship date back indefinitely. I can understand a business week to ship, and that would be acceptable, but don’t lie to me about being able to ship when you know you can’t do it.

It’s no wonder Apple, HP, and Lenovo are kicking your ass, Dell. Even Gateway has come back from the dead to take a piece of the pie.

Happy Halloween!

Michelle, Fairy Princess.

Me, Toddler Rocket! (That sounded terrible.)

Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King.

Boba Fett, The Baddest Mother F’ing Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy!

My iPhone Review Thus Far

I converted over from and Android phone to the latest iPhone, and these are my thoughts in the week and a half that I’ve had the phone. Please bear in mind that my use of the iPhone is still very limited, and there may be ways to tweak the experience that I haven’t discovered yet. I’m definitely open to suggestions.

The camera is incredibly responsive and takes clean shots, one after another. That’s something I could never get the camera on my Droid to do. However, the lack of any zoom and weak flash make the iPhone camera still just a phone camera. The arguments made about point-and-shoot cameras becoming obsolete is still a ways away. It has no ability to compete with a point-and-shoot unless everything you take a picture of is within a ten foot radius and in decent lighting.

Inside each iPhone app I’ve used the experience is great because it’s uniform. In some Android apps, there doesn’t seem the be the same uniformity of user interface.

Outside the individual apps, however, there isn’t enough integration. When I am sent a Facebook link, the Facebook app should open. A Google Maps link should open my maps program. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this. That’s disappointing.

The screen is smaller than the screen I had on my Droid. Where this becomes most apparent is the keyboard. It’s got a smaller area to display, and it makes the keys smaller. Not only are the keys smaller, but there is a lack of punctuation characters available on the first keyboard screen set. It’s odd to me that something so common as the period or question mark is placed on a second screen.

GPS navigation is sorely lacking on the iPhone. I was spoiled by Google Maps on Android. It was incredible. The search results were accurate. The turn-by-turn navigation was solid as well, and you can’t beat a free price tag. The free navigation apps are not very good on the iPhone, either missing some key features of navigation or trying to make me drive the wrong direction on a one-way street. I ended up settling on MotionX-GPS Drive, an app that costs only $.99. Thus far it’s been good on navigation but the interface is quite confusing. I’m still getting used to that.

I dislike very much that the only really easy method of pushing files to the phone is via iTunes. I really don’t use iTunes for anything except playing my music catalog. Instead of using iTunes to push my songs to my iPhone, I’m currently pushing my library up to Google Music. I’ve also sync’d up some of my files using Dropbox.

The iPhone really excels when it comes to battery life. I am getting 60% more life out of my iPhone than I was getting out of my Droid, even when it was new. All the things I dislike about iOS are probably contributing to the longer battery life.

Overall I’m very happy with my iPhone. I would have been pretty happy with a new Android phone too I’m sure. Still if I have to suggest a phone for someone to get, the answer would probably be an iPhone. I know there are other good phones out there, but if you don’t want to do the research, you know the iPhone will be solid. Plus, I won’t have to pay for my text messages if you have iMessage.

My one wish for the iPhone right now is better Google integration. Come on, Goople! Appoogle? Whatever. Make friends and make apps.

Now a break from trip posts for something nerdy.

I’d try to explain BlizzCon, but I really don’t understand the culture behind video games. The line for soft serve was doubled back, and there was no line for beer. Like I said, I don’t get it.

Sometimes I like my Whisky Han style…Solo.

I haven’t been going into the office to work a lot lately, because I get more done from my home office. Having two 23″ screens just lets me be way more productive. I did happen to go into the office on Tuesday, and I was so glad I did. This showed up via UPS.

Han Solo frozen in carbonite…ice cube tray!

C3P0: Oh, they’ve encased him in carbonite. He should be quite well protected.

Jabba the Hutt: There will be no bargain. I will not to give up my favorite decoration. I like Captain Solo where he is.

That’s right. I will never be drinking alone as long as I have one of the best smugglers in the galaxy by my side. Pick up your own ice cube tray here.

Star Wars Nerds Unite!

I mentioned that I got to go to the Hollywood Bowl to see Star Wars in Concert with Michelle. It was absolutely amazing.

Finally, I can wear my hoodie without fear of judgement.

OMG! It’s starting. Luke and Leia are sitting in front of us too!

Darth Vader! Michelle looked at her hoodie and said, “That’s me!”

Mr. Anthony Daniels, C3P0 himself narrated the show.

They had some really cool animations and sketches they showed during the show.

The firing of the Death Star’s primary weapon, a superlaser created by the hypermatter reactor.

How dare you fall asleep during this awesome display of awesomeness!

Special effects and screen display aside, the orchestra was fantastic. I would find myself bobbing my head to the music of my favorite sci-fi franchise and then realize the music was being played live. Incredible performance.

Those are all light sabers, being swayed back and forth along to the music. These are my people.

This was such a great experience. Many thanks to Michelle’s dad and mom, who not only tolerate my love for geeky things like this, but also encourage it by getting us the tickets. Michelle is on her way to joining the Dark Side, which is the best side because “evil will always triumph over good, because good is dumb.”