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My Updated Aquarium

That is all.

Fish are Friends

This is my fish tank. It’s calming to watch. All the plants in the tank are live plants. I’m waiting for them to grow and fill in a little bit to remove the gaps in the tank.

Bristle Nose Pleco.

Siamese Algae Eater.

German Blue Ram Cichlid.

Another Ram Cichlid.

Angelfish. Big and small.

Panda Cory taking on a bigger meal than he can stomach.

Angelfish again.

Smaller Bristle Nose Pleco. This one barely has bristles.

I love my fish tank. It’s not very much work to maintain, much less than any other pet you might have, and it’s very relaxing to sit and watch. While most people don’t see it, fish have personalities. It’s not like I just keep a box of water in my living room.

Welcome Home, Fishes!

After being asked multiple times to take care of it, and multiple times refusing and saying I was too busy with wedding stuff, I finally moved my fish tank out of my parents’ place.

It looks rather empty here, but the plants need to grow back in, and there are plenty of fish hiding in there.

My big Angelfish is still the Super Star Destroyer of my tank.

Don’t worry though. There are new Star Destroyers being trained.

These are some of the new additions. Blue Rams.

The colors on these fish are awesome.

It feels good having the tank with me. Nothing beats waking up early and sitting and watching the tank for half an hour in the nude.

2007: No Plausible Deniability for Early 20’s

With 2007 came the realization that I was no longer in my early 20’s. Gone were the years of wild partying.


I told you I got really into fish. It took me three months of having a 10 gallon tank to upgrade to 55 gallons. This is what it started as, but it’s quite different now.


Michelle and I took a trip to China with some friends. So many Chinese people, but there they just call them people.


We got into to the usual vacation hijinx.


This isn’t China. This is the San Diego Zoo.


The very next weekend we went down to San Diego again to Sea World.


I had a great karaoke/bowling birthday party.


I gave Michelle a great gift of us.


I got pretty good at Wii Bowling.

So begins the life of a boring person. Eh. That’s all relative. I think some of this stuff is still really cool. When I hit thirty I’ll do puzzles and play board games.

I Hate You Only a Little Now

For those of you that know me, I’ve always said I hate San Diego. Hate really isn’t the right word, but the area really doesn’t do anything for me. People rave about the Mexican food, but I believe it exists just as good and possibly better in Los Angeles. Michelle and I needed to get out of town for a bit, so we figured San Diego was far enough to be called vacation but close enough not to be a hassle.

We left on Friday, because we wanted it to feel like a real vacation and not just a weekend excursion. Here is our trip in photo format. Closed captioning is provided by

Sushi sounded like a good, light lunch after eating too many snacks on the car ride down. Conveyor belt sushi…not so good.

Ready to go kayaking? Hold your wrist and try to bite your ear.

We were the only two people that were signed up for the 1:00 PM tour. We had two guides, one of which was our personal photographer. They must have lost money on this tour, especially since we bargained the price down from $80 to $65. I told Michelle I was doing all the work, which is why they put the motors on the back of boats. She disagreed and called me dead weight.

One of the seven caves. We got to go into this one. The clarity of the water was so great everywhere. You could see right down to the bottom, and Garibaldi were swimming everywhere.

Sunning the day away without a care in the world.

The kayak tour was totally awesome since we got one on one attention from our guides. We talked ecosystems and about Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth. Michelle and I got to see a Thresher shark swim right under us. My head was still down looking for more sharks, when I heard Michelle say “Uhhhh!” I looked up and a wave was coming at us and wasn’t going to crash. I remember thinking, “I hope I closed the Ziploc bag tight on my camera.” Michelle got lifted out of her seat and got turned completely perpendicular, side saddling the kayak. She got herself straightened out, saying that was the best thing about the tour.

After kayak snack. Michelle says everyone eats crepes on vacation.

We headed to our hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter. I booked The Grand Horton Hotel, which I was later informed by Spencer was famously known for being haunted. I figured I wouldn’t tell Michelle until we left the hotel safely or until we were held hostage by the ghosts. As soon as we got into the hotel, Michelle used two words to describe the hotel: scary and Disneyland. It’s no wonder either.

Definitely Victorian. Definitely ghost territory.

She still doesn’t know this place is haunted. Can’t you just imagine the organ playing itself at night?

This is what you see when the elevator stops on the third floor. I was facing the elevator doors, but Michelle screamed when she saw it. That’s just creepy. I knew Room 309 was the most famous for being haunted, so when we got Room 325, I kept quiet and didn’t tell Michelle we had a ghost staying a few doors down.

We got checked in and took a well needed nap after paddling around the ocean for a two hours. We set ourselves up for dinner less than 1,000 feet, around the corner from our hotel at Cafe Sevilla. I’ve been looking for a place to get Spanish Tapas, ever since I came back from Spain two years ago. Well, Cafe Sevilla has a location in Long Beach as well. Looks like I’ve found a spot when I’m hankering for some Spanish food.

Calamari. This one is okay.

Shrimp Ajillo. How can you go wrong with garlic and butter?

Chicken, beef, and seafood paella tapas.

Patatas Bravas. Spicy, just the way we like it.

Phallic? Yes. Homsexually suggestive? Yes. Delicious. Definitely yes.

In order to not feel old, we decided we had to go out after dinner to at least one place. It was twice as rough for me since I have been sick for about half a week now with my nose running and a nagging cough. It got worse after dinner. I couldn’t even taste my whiskey or my beer. I had to trust Michelle when she said the beer was good.

Breakfast at Cafe 222, again less than 1,000 feet from our hotel door.

We hung around in our hotel room for a little bit before heading to Balboa Park. As soon as we got there, we strolled around, looking at our visitors guide and tried to decide which museums and gardens to check out. I think we must be spoiled by the Internet, because everything looked boring or too expensive. It didn’t take us long to leave this place. Michelle asked, “Is this what couples do? This is boring.”

The architecture was cool in Balboa Park.

International Gardens. Sounds impressive? It’s not.

This picture is posted for one individual only. I’d hate to admit it to him, but had we gone to this, it probably would’ve been the most interesting exhibit there.

Koi in the Japanese Friendship Garden. I had a long discussion with Michelle as to how large these fish were, and she kept saying they were smaller than I was thinking. I told her she should trust me, since we were talking about eye balling distances and lengths, which I have to do for work sometimes, and we were talking about fish. Still unwilling to concede, I had to pull up another picture of koi at the zoo with a duck as a reference for size before she was willing to believe that the fish we saw were the size of our legs. Well maybe not hers. Those things just won’t quit.

Taking pictures of ourselves is free and more fun tha plants. Let’s do that.

Obligatory picture of the industrial boobs off the 5 freeway.

We got into San Diego and left in just about twenty four hours. I felt like we had accomplished a lot in the short time we were there, at least enough to satisfy any urge that might take us down that direction for a long time. On our way back up we stopped at the Rainbow store and picked up a couple pairs of sandals. At 37% off retail prices, it’s worth it to pick up an extra pair for later. We finished our trip up with a stop in Irvine to get some spicy wontons and spicy beef noodle soup at A&J Restaurant, one of Michelle’s college favorites. I am thorougly exhausted.


In all the excitement of the weekend, I almost forgot to mention the great gift Michelle got for me. She knows I like books with pictures, and this one fit the bill.

Adding a Little Class to My Life

I have embarked on journey with Michelle to add a little bit of class to our lives, specifically photography class. We had our first class yesterday night, and it seems pretty good. There isn’t any hands on camera use during the class. The teacher wants us to do that during the week to put what we learned into practice.

There was a lot of terminology thrown at us, but I think I have a grasp on most of what was said. Telephoto lenses are better for portraits, but if you want to take a picture of your junk, use a wide angle. It’ll look more impressive. They didn’t actually teach that in the class, but it should work based on the principles of lenses we learned. I’d try it, but I’m afraid I would forget to erase the memory card before giving it back to Kyung.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post some of the pictures I take as I learn to take better photos. Here’s one I took last night.

This guy won’t stay still enough for my point and shoot camera.

Summer Things to Do

I have compiled a list of things that I want to do before the end of this summer. Please let me know if you would like to do any of these activities with me or have any suggestions of things to add to the list.

Fishing – There are plenty of good lakes to fish within a two-hour drive. I can get my old poles and equipment from my uncle. I might even take a day off to go fishing this summer.

Jet Skiing – I’ve done this once, but Michelle brought up the idea. Let’s go jet skiing. You can rent these bad boys right in Redondo Beach. It’s a lot of fun for a day.

Build Above Ground Pond w/ Hydroponics Filter – My hobby of fish keeping has not slowed, much to the chagrin of my girlfriend. I want to build one of these above ground pond boxes and create a biological filter that will grow plants while keeping the water clean for the fish. If anyone has mechanical skills, a bench saw, and a nail gun, you’re more than welcome to help me out.

It will look like this but not ugly blue.

Brew Beer – It’s been long enough. It’s time to brew my beer. Look what magically appeared on the list!

That’s a pretty good start to my list. I’m sure I’ll think of more things I want to do, but I want the list to be manageable with reachable goals. I’ve already got a photography class and a couple baseball games on the list of things to do.

Suicide Pact

Meet Montgomery

I know I have a whole separate website dedicated to my fish keeping now, but I just had to share the latest addition to my fish collection. Allow me to introduce Montgomery, my Halfmoon Betta. When the weather warms up, I will try to mate this fine specimen. Who wants their own fish?