Uncle m@’s Backyard of Fun!

No, this website isn’t completely dead. Instagram has given a much simpler publishing platform to snapshot Maggie’s life, and I’ve been pretty busy singing “The Wheels on the Bus” 3 bazillion times in a row.

Recently I’ve been thinking about redoing our backyard, and of course I’d want it to be a place Maggie can play. My  first thought went to a sandbox and jungle gym, but we have a park 100 yards away from our house with two playgrounds. So I started racking my brain to see what would be good and came up with this.


Click on the image to see it in its full glory.

As you can see from my expertly drafted blueprints, I intend for all equipment to be structural secure so big kids (me) can play too. Now comes an important question. Does anyone know how to build these things?