Thoughts and Lessons Learned from Pregnancy

If you haven’t read Michelle latest blog post about the status of her pregnancy, you can check it out here.

Today marks week 33 of our journey to parenthood. Michelle is on bed rest, and we’re telling Maggie to stay inside for at least a little while longer. The good news is that one of our test results has a correlation of giving us a less than .5% chance of having the baby within the next week. That takes us into week 34, and the doctors said by that milestone they don’t actively try to stop labor, because the baby has a very good chance of survival.

Michelle and I have been in very good spirits. We know we’re not in control of the situation. I’m doing what I can to take care of Michelle and the house. Here are some of my thoughts and lessons learned from this whole situation.

  1. We have great friends and family that have poured out well wishes and offers to help out any way they can. I told Michelle this was our chance to get the outside of the house painted.
  2. I know more about female anatomy than Michelle does when it comes to looking at a chart. I will chalk this up to being a thorough but gentle lover.
  3. Every doctor and nurse has told us, “No more sex.” It’s a little bit annoying after the sixth time you hear it, like they’re looking at me and saying, “I know your type. Keep in the pants! This is what got you here in the first place.”
  4. At one point we paused and looked at our baby date guessing game. We kind of wish more people played. That money is all ours!
  5. I guess now would be a good time to learn how to change a diaper and install a car seat.
  6. While we definitely don’t want to see our baby too early, all these hospital visits and focus on the baby got me pretty excited to see her.

Thanks for all the support and well wishes, everyone. We will cash in all the offers for help when the baby arrives and we need a nap.