Making new friends in Meguro

After hanging out in Akihabara and being disturbed by the maid cafe, we headed to Meguro. It is unlike any neighborhood we had seen thus far. It was mostly residential, very quiet. All the shops in the area were for housewares and furniture.

There are a lot of stores that sell dishes.

Furniture stores are also pretty popular here. They have somem really great stuff, and if I wasn’t in Japan, I might have bought something. Instead we used the store as a spot to rest our aching feet.

Our feet were killing us, but I told Michelle, “Just a little farther. We should walk along the river and see if there are any cherry blossoms.” There were!


As the sun was beginning to lower and I was still snapping photos, Michelle called for me to come over, where she was standing with some people. They were having an all-you-can-drink hanami party. Unlike the traditional picnic, they rented out what looked like a small art gallery. The great thing is because we were visitors, they let us join then for free!

You can’t even tell Michelle is from America!

I need to work on fitting in better, chucking up deuces Japan style!

We were like rock stars at this party. While I want so badly to be more like them, they want to learn English and be more American. The one thing everyone understands is, “Do you have Facebook?” We made a lot of Facebook friends that night. After we spent a fun time making new friends and drinking, the sun was long gone. Definitely a fun way to spend the day.