More Shopping in Tokyo: So Many Options

After Tsukiji Market we wanted to keep our day going, bust most of Tokyo isn’t open until later. We ended up waiting twenty minutes for a Starbucks to open at 7 AM so we could nap for an hour before we headed out onto the town.

If you look at the way the Japanese dress, it’s fashionable but also very subdued. There are no bright colors. I felt like the odd man out with my yellow shirt.

Stores seem to be one-stop-shops, carry everything. It’s GAP on the first floor and IKEA on the second floor.

The stores there are huge on aesthetic appeal, even using ┬áitems they don’t seem to sell. like these plants.

Inside Muji, they had an eating area for shoppers to stop and have a beverage and a wide variety of pastries.

Next door was Loft, another store carrying just about everything from notebooks to cosmetics and travel gear.

Options are not lacking. Here is the notebook/3-ring binder section.


There are some really cool things, including Moleskine notebooks with actual LEGO pads so you connect your LEGO figurines.

This is the first place I’ve actually seen these Moleskine notebooks.

While Michelle was busy looking at fake eyelashes, I contemplated a new look for myself too. Creepy Perv 2.0!

You can’t rock a mustache without the beard or so I’ve heard from people that can grow facial hair.

I wish department stores in America were more like Japanese stores. Although there are no benches where I can sit and wait while my wife spends all my money, there is enough variety that allows me to also drain our bank account at the same time. That way Michelle can spend all the time she wants looking at clothes and makeup while I look at electronics and toys in the same store. It’s like having an Apple store combined with a Nordstrom’s!