Tsukiji: Seafood Heaven

One of the big attractions in Tokyo is Tsukiji Market. It’s the largest seafood market in the world. There is an inner wholesale market area, which is closed off to tourists before 9:00 AM so the local buyers can do their shopping without interruption. The outer market area is open to anyone, and they start setting up at about 4:00 AM.

There is absolutely no hint of sunlight as the outer market begins to stir.

Vendors set up their shops quietly. It’s eerie, like a scene out of a horror film.

Dried seafood products are pretty common in the outer market.

With people shopping, local food stands start opening too to feed the shoppers.

Tsukiji is really an impressive place, selling a lot more than just seafood. Fresh produce and meat products are also available.

In the inner market area, the fresh tuna auction is one of the highlights of the market that is accesible to visitors, but it starts at 5:00 AM and has limited viewing space. We arrived at the line at 4:30 AM, but we were already too late. They were filled up for the day. Instead we decided to wander around the inner market that was supposed to be off limits to us.

The inner market is much more densely packed than the outer market.

There is so much fresh seafood sold here daily.



Sea snails and cuttlefish.

Those shrimp look so good. Just clean them and put them on a plate for me!

Frozen pieces of tuna are often cut with bandsaws.

Fresh tuna, however, requires a softer touch.

Big ass swords.

Slicing up some tuna.


Mackerel Pike.


Teaching us the finer points of sushi. Too bad we don’t understand Japanese.

We love Tsukiji!