Early Morning Eats in Tsukiji

After wandering around the fish market for a little while we got hungry. We decided to get some ramen at a little stand we passed by earlier in the outer market. We didn’t even realize this was the ramen shop my friend recommended to me, Chuka Soba Inoue.

It opens at 4:30 AM, but prep starts well before that.

Different websites say they only serve shoyu ramen in chicken broth, but these bones used in the broth say otherwise, unless they have gigantic chickens in Japan. Regardless of whether other meat stock is also thrown into the mix, there is still only one item to order.

Early in the morning customers line up to get a warm bowl of ramen.

The master at work.

Chashu, bamboo shoots, and onions in a warm, savory broth. So delicious.

Seating does not exist here. Tables are set up for customers to stand street side. Here is Michelle is slurping down the rest of her broth as the sun begins to make its appearance.

Not being satisfied with only noodles, we decided to take in some fresh fish since we were in Tsukiji and had plenty of it available to us. We opted for chirashizushi.

Fresh fish, hours from the ocean and right into our mouths. You can’t beat that.