Shopping at Tokyu Hands

With no real plans for the first day, Michelle and I wandered around Shibuya and poked our heads into different stores to see what was going on in the world of shopping in Tokyo. We stopped into Tokyu Hands, and it was an eye opener. For any given product, there is never a lack of options.

They have a crafts floor that has a section just for masking tape.

Yes, I said masking tape.

There were lots of stickers in the craft section, some of which were a bit risque.

There was an entire floor dedicated to cleaning supplies. Sprays, rags, dusters, trashcans, and detergent. They’re also pretty hot on the Roomba too.

I think this section was for bath salts and bubble bath, but they had children’s cartoon character packaging mixed in with some very suggestive adult themed packages.

They toy section had an excellent selection though.

There was a whole floor dedicated to bento lunch boxes.

When I say a whole floor, I am not exaggerating.

The Japanese are consumers in every sense of the word. While they tend to follow trends as a society, they still hold to their own unique styles with a market that provides so many options to the same concepts. It creates a sense of community while allowing individuals to have their own identity.