Conveyor Belt Sushi: Not a Bad Thing

Still killing time before our hotel was ready, we decided to eat again. We sat down ¬†at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant that seemed to be packed with both locals and tourists. If you’ve ever been to one of these in the states, you’ll know the quality isn’t great at these types of places. You’ll usually end up with at least one piece of fish that is far too chewy and the rice will be too dry. One of the travel agents that helped me book some tickets told me that even the cheap sushi was good, so we set out to test that theory.

I have to say that I was not disappointed. The fish was so good, probably better than most sushi places I’ve had in the states. It’s easy for restaurants to get ahold of good quality seafood in Tokyo, but the whole package is done so much better. Excellent balance between fish, rice and wasabi, and the price tag didn’t make me cringe either. Complete this meal with a couple of beers, and I am a happy man.