San Pedro is for breakfast

Whenever you look up restaurants in San Pedro, you’ll find one type of restaurant more than any other. Breakfast spots. For whatever reason, San Pedro is littered with them, along Gaffey, Pacific, and everywhere in between.

Michelle and I decided to check out Pacific Diner for the first time.

Diner truly is an appropriate description. When you enter the front there are a couple booths and a counter, but they have a nice outdoor patio too, where you can enjoy your food in the warm California weather.

I love their biscuits and gravy. I’d be a fat(ter) kid so fast if I had these available every day.

This is the machaca omelet. They brought out two types of fresh salsa to go with the omelet. The texture combination of the fried potatoes and the egg and meat is pretty darn good. The portions are big too, so you should have something to take home for a delicious snack.

They have a huge selection of¬†omelets on their menu in addition to a long list of specials that changes on their white board. It’s definitely a place to check out. Perhaps we can go together sometime after you’ve spent the night on my couch from drinking too much.