You suck, Macy’s.

As not to bore you with all the details, here is the timeline of the hell that we have been through with Macy’s furniture and are still going through currently.

7/21/11 – We purchase a dining room table with a bench. Macy’s doesn’t tell us the furniture is not available until October. I wish they would’ve noted that when I purchase it, but that’s okay. No major family gatherings until the holidays, right?

10/5/11 – I receive a voicemail from Macy’s to let me know that our furniture is ready for delivery so I schedule it.

10/13/11 – I receive a voicemail from Macy’s that they’re not getting the table until December 15th. They’ve moved the table to another sales order so they have to leave special notes that I want them delivered together.  They still call four times to tell me our furniture is ready for delivery when it’s just the bench, and I have to keep responding that we don’t want them delivered separately.

We pretty much gave up on having our dining room table ready for Thanksgiving, so we scrapped plans to host at our place and tell our families to come over for Christmas.

10/19/11 – I receive a call from Macy’s telling me the table is going to be available on November 5th and to schedule delivery. Holy crap, they came through! I ask them to double check, and it turns out it’s just the bench sales order they’re looking at and the table won’t be available until after Christmas.

We had Christmas dinner on a shitty folding table and an IKEA table because Macy’s couldn’t deliver our table within five months.

I got a call this week to schedule delivery, so I called this morning expecting for it to be the bench only again. I got a pleasant surprise. The table is in now! They double checked and it’s finally arrived, but to think that Macy’s could give me all good news would be too much. Yesterday they cancelled our order for the bench and reassigned it a new sales order number and that won’t be available until February 11th. That means the bench they’d been holding since October was given away to someone else.

At this point I am so angry with Macy’s. I have absolutely zero faith that Macy’s will hit that February date for the bench, and even if they did meet that date, they would probably give away our table and assign it another sales order number before then. Macy’s has offered one option to me, cancel my order. I would but I feel like I’ve come so far. I believe I will just use the dining room table as a conversation piece to slam Macy’s.

Here is my advice to you. Don’t ever buy from Macy’s Furniture.