A Delicious 30th Birthday Dinner for the Wife

Yesterday was the day marking Michelle’s 30th year on this earth. Whoa! I know. In order to celebrate we decided to go to Musha, where we normally lie about it being someone’s birthday. This might be the second time we’ve ever been to this restaurant on someone’s actual birthday.

Tofu cheese and honey with bread and crackers.

Pork belly.

Beef Tenderloin.

They even bring out the charcoal grill to you so you can cook yourself.

Musha Fried Chicken.

Udon  with clams and mushrooms.

Ebi Mayo.

Cheese Risotto, getting to the bottom of the cheese block.

The risotto doesn’t look like much but it is one of the things we always order.

I had never seen this on the menu before. La Bomba. Three kinds of ice cream, cover in chocolate. Chocolate, vanilla, and peach. This was really good, especially the peach ice cream section.

We did a pretty good job eating, but you can see the hands are still moving to clean up the rest of the scraps.

This is the reason why like to tell Musha that it’s always someone’s birthday. They turn out the lights and play Happy Birthday, followed by a flaming finish in the kitchen.