Portillo’s: A Midwest Tradition on the Far West

The problem with loving to eat is that I’ll often find myself ordering a meal that could probably feed two because I’m afraid I won’t return to the same restaurant in my desire to eat everywhere. I did it again, this time in Buena Park.

Portillo’s is a well known restaurant from the Midwest, known for its hot dogs. California is fortunate enough to have two out of the three locations outside of Illinois.

I noticed when they took my order they just wrote it on what I thought was a plain sheet of paper until I received my meal. Whether you order to go or to eat in the restaurant, they give you your food in a bag. That’s what they write your order down on. Brilliant.

This is the hot dog. A lot of places claim their wieners are unique, but I really can’t tell unless they’re custom sausages. This is no different, but the toppings make it special.¬†When you order it with everything you get mustard, relish, freshly chopped onions, sliced red ripe tomatoes, kosher pickle and sport peppers piled onto a perfectly steamed poppyseed bun. The toppings are fresh so they have some bite to them, not smooshing down and taking a back seat to the wiener.

This is the Portillo’s Italian Beef Sandwich with everything and hot peppers. They recommend the sweet peppers on their menu, but I have to admit that my taste buds have been change because of Michelle. I crave a little bit of heat on almost anything I eat. The hot peppers are definitely low on the scale of heat, and they compliment the sweet beef juice nicely.