Choon Chun Chicken Kalbi?

After running around and doing some shopping, Michelle and I worked up an early appetite for some Korean food. We stopped into Choon Chun Chicken Kalbi in Gardena.

We arrived pretty early for dinner, so the place was pretty empty. The tables consist of hollow barrels, which house the burners for cooking at the table.

The raw ingredients come out onto the table and the worker tells you, “Don’t touch it.”

Every once in a while she will come by and stir things in a little bit and say, “Not yet.”

If you try to touch the spoons to stir the cooking yourself, she will swoop in out of nowhere and snatch the spoons from your hands, still a little bit, and repeat, “Not yet.”

Now it’s ready. This is a great meal for two.

Once you’ve taken down the original dish the same works comes around and starts round two.

With ninja like quickness she whips some rice, oil, and onions together.

Fried rice!

If you search Choon Chun Kalbi Chicken in Gardena, you won’t find it. I have no idea why, but it must go under a different name. How Michelle found it is beyond me. I do recommend this place, so if you can find it, you won’t be sorry.