San Pedro: It’s not just for leaving LA on a boat.

On one of Michelle’s nights out with friends, I decided to check out San Pedro Brew Co. I like beer and their website said they had a happy hour. What’s not to like about that?

I ponied up to the bar, and noticed the crowd was a lot of regulars. I was definitely the odd man out. Still, I was very happy to see their happy hour menu. The prices looked promising. Not to shy away from a new experience, I ordered the slider and fries, half order  of calamari, and half order of wings.

The slider and fries is one slider and fries, just as I expected. Although it looks like a mess of a slider, it’s quite good. I was expecting some steamed meat. The mini patty has a nice char to it, giving it some great flavor.

The wings are decent, nothing special. I’ve definitely had better wings but it’s a nice little snack.

The half order of calamari was surprising to me. A lot of bars have this dish and you end up with soggy breading or overly chewy squid. The dish I received had a light, crisp batter and some great squid underneath.

On top of the delicious snacks, they have a full menu and some delicious beers brewed right in house. I wasn’t a fan of some of them, but the red and brown ales are fantastic.

Somewhere along the way, someone must have forgotten a couple beers or one of my dishes. I can’t say that I was in tip top form when I left here, but my bill was only twenty two bucks. Whether or not I get the accidental discount or not next time, San Pedro Brewing Co. is a spot I’d be more than happy to check out again.

It’s encouraging to see awesome places in San Pedro, since I always thought of it as the city I drive through to get to the freeway. I’m sure other think of it as the city where the cruise ships dock. I can’t wait to get out there and experience the city some more. Vote for Pedro!