Firestone Parabola

It’s been a long time since Raaj and Shivani have been over to our place. That’s because we moved from around the corner from them, and now we’re separated with a drive on the 405.

They stopped in to visit us and share a meal at our new home. While the meal was excellent, it wasn’t as awesome as the beer we shared. My friends were kind enough to bring a very special bottle of Firestone Parabola.

It comes in its own box. It must be good!

Raaj is the one who got me into home brewing. I’m grateful. Michelle, however, still wants the shoe closet back.

It’s so beautiful. Chocolate, expresso, and bourbon flavors come through in this beer. I’m not sure vanilla is what I’d call the creaminess I taste in this beer. It is delicious though.

Here we are enjoying our tasting of this very special beer.