1321 Taproom Bistro: A Beer Place

I went to a surprise birthday party at 1321 Taproom Bistro. I’ve been to this spot once before. The beer selection was excellent like last time. I had the¬†Allagash Curieux, a Belgian Tripel aged in Bourbon barrels.

I got to try some different things from the menu¬†this time, sampling from my friends’ plates. The fish and chips were decent. Their mac and cheese was missing something. The taste stops short, having a great cheese flavor, but little else. My dish was the smoked pork banh mi. The smoked pork was excellent, but it did not go with the rest of the sandwich. I would definitely not order this again, nor recommend it to anyone.

Overall my impression of this place is that the beer selections are excellent, but the food I’ve had thus far seem incomplete. Given the option, I’d check out a new place rather than eat here. It’s not quite to my tastes to become a regular eating stop. If it’s just a chance to grab some beers, I would definitely come back here.