Going to Miss this City…Tavern

City Brew has opened up in Culver City! Huzzah! Too bad I’ll be moving out in a few weeks. *sad trombone*

There are taps at the tables! And computers!

A computer that tells you what you had to drink! I wonder what OS it runs.

Pouring your own beer has never been so much fun!

The Brew Burger.

Grilled Cheese.

Pork Belly.

Cheesy Poofs. Cartman would love these.

NY Strip Steak.

Cooked medium rare.

Mushrooms. Taste the butter.

Chocolate Tart.

The food here is decent, but I don’t think it’s a place that I would come back just to have the food. It’s definitely catering to the trend in LA spots that you’re not quite sure whether they are more bar or more restaurant.

Unfortunately for us, it became more restaurant pretty quickly. I guess they were still working out some kinks in their tap software. All the taps at the tables broke for about an hour, while they were debugging the software.

Fortunately there was plenty of beer to order at the bar.

It runs openSUSE! I’ll have to jump on this thing and LICQ bomb people.

If you can understand this, you haven’t had enough to drink.

Aww, we drank all our beer.

City Tavern is a nice joint that’s got a good thing going for it. LA is so enamored with the craft beer thing, and City Tavern is going to capitalize on that. Craft beer is something I enjoy, but the question always remains. What do I play beer pong and flip cup with then?