Our second batch of beer

My buddy Raaj and I took a break after our first batch of beer, but we finally got our act together and started brewing our second batch. We’re about one week from opening the bottles. This batch is an IPA, and we decided to dry hop this beer for extra aroma. Let me take you through the process.

Here are the ingredients. Who knew beer was made from weed and cocaine?

Mashing. You can eat the spent grains for cereal if you want, but we were told that you better stay near a toilet. The fiber level is off the charts.

Wort. This is unfermented beer. That means no alcohol yet, so no drinking this.

Once the wort is cooled, it can go into the primary fermenter.

After a week or so, we’re ready to go into our secondary fermenter. Sanitizing equipment is key.

Secondary fermentation…go!

Since we had some unseasonably cold weather, we wrapped our baby up.

After a week in the secondary fermenter, it’s time to add the Chronic dry hops.

This will add flavor and aroma to the beer.

Time for bottling!

Brewing beer has been a lot of fun, and it’s been even more fun to do it with a buddy like Raaj. So while this is only our second beer, I dedicated the name of this beer and the beer label to him because he loves IPAs.


You might also say he puts the I in IPA.