Is this living?

I am just writing to let you all know that I am still alive. I apologize to my single Canadian reader. I’ve gotten busy with life, although I don’t know what part of this you’d call living.

Work has gotten pretty busy. We are about six weeks from moving into a new building. On top of daily work I’ve been figuring out logistics of the move. Unfortunately this all coincides with the time Michelle and I have to move lout of our apartment. That means one day out of every weekend will be spent moving the office, and the other will be spent moving personal things.

So through the middle of May I will be occupied. Boo!

In other fun news I got an iPad 2 for work. I’m actually typing this post on it right now. The verdict? It is a fun toy but typing on it bloooooows.

That’s all that I got on my mind right now. See you in May but hopefully a couple of times in between.