Everyone has been waiting for this place to open, mostly because it was already supposed to be open. I really don’t read up on restaurant openings, but I heard about this one, because it was expected to happen about a half dozen times. Well, the wait is finally over, so Michelle and I went to check out Lukshon with fellow Culver City resident, Andrea.

The ambiance was very nice, as expected from the usual consumers running around Culver City’s Helm’s Bakery area.

Here is how they serve their wine. This gets a big thumbs up in my book.

I opted for the Red Hitachino Rice Ale. Where’s my laboratory glassware?

We started with the scallops, topped with water chestnuts. Great combo of soft and crunchy.

Then came the chicken pops. I won’t tell you who, but someone at the table asked where the pop was on the chicken. These have a little bit of spiciness that hangs with you after all the pops are gone.

Lamb Sausage Roti with pickled cauliflower. Great texture on this one too. The roti was light,  flaky, and crispy.

Dan Dan Noodles. Before the waiter put our order down for this he wanted to make sure we liked spicy, because a previous customer almost passed out because she wasn’t read for it. I don’t know what kind of bland food that person is eating, but this is not spicy. The chicken pops had more heat than this dish. Still the dish was delicious and the noodles had a nice firmness to them.

After dinner coffee.

Complimentary dessert. I wish I had wrote about this before now, because I cannot remember what this was, but I do recall it being delicious.

Like I said, delicious.