A-Frame? Nay-Frame.

Last night Michelle and I decided it was a good time to check out A-Frame. It’s a new place that is pretty popular, so we figured the rain would scare people away. On top of the weather we went at 5:30 PM, because are are an old, married couple.

Our plan to get there early worked.

Maybe it worked too well. The place was empty.

We started with some cocktails. I had the Anchorman, and Michelle had the Sevilla. These drinks are decent. Michelle’s drink was better than mine. She thinks we should tell our bartender friend in Argentina to learn this one.

The crab cakes. I wish I could tell you what these tasted like, but sadly I am allergic to crab. The looked good though.

The chicken wings don’t look like much, but they’re tasty. Each one doesn’t overwhelm you with heat, but after eating three in a row you can feel it slowly start to build up. It’s nice, but you can only eat so many. It’s very heavy.

The ribs. I’m not sure what it is about them, but they immediately make me think of a Chinese restaurant. The same thing goes for the ribs as the chicken. After eating a couple, it just feels heavy because of the sauce.

Clam chowder. This was flavorful, but it should not be called clam chowder. Clam chowder is a thick, creamy concoction that you eat at the pier in San Francisco. This is too runny, so much so that I didn’t even want to use my fake Boston accent to call it, “chowdah.”

We knew we were slowly racking up the bill, but we decided why not try some dessert. We decided on the Chu-Don’t-Know-Mang. Pound cake churros with malted chocolate milk and vanilla ice cream. This was delicious. I might come here just for this.

It totally skipped my mind that A-Frame was the creation of Roy Choi, the chef behind Kogi and Chego. He likes his food to pack a flavor punch, which I can handle only so much. I’d like to call A-Frame Saucelandia, because whether the food is plated already smothered in it or if it comes in huge dipping portions on the side, there is plenty of sauce to be had here. Like with Chego I have no desire to go back to this place for at least the next six months. It’s too much for me.