A break from Argentina for some booze.

Here is a little break from all the Argentina posts to give you a taste of something a little different. About a month ago my buddy Raaj and I started a magical journey together. We started brewing a batch of beer together. Last Thursday we finished up the last step before drinking. Now we wait. In a short three weeks, we will be getting buzzed off our own creation.

Sterilized bottles, ready to be filled.

Mixing in the sugar to make sure carbonation is created in the bottle as well as a little more alcohol.

Filling the bottles.

Capping the bottles.

This is what a new father must look like, so proud.

Raaj lives around the corner from me. Our wives are high school friends. When the wives are out, Harold and Kumar come out to play. We thought it would be fitting to call our beer, Castillo Blanco, but we’re going to pronounce it like the Argentinians (cah-stee-show blawn-coe). For those of you that aren’t familiar with Spanish that’s White Castle.