Argentinians eat late, but not that late.

If you show up at a restaurant before 9:00 PM and you see people eating, they are definitely tourists. Michelle and I didn’t want to look like tourists our first night out, so we decided to grab a couple of drinks before dinner. We started out at our hotel bar and headed over to a speakeasy for some more drinks. By the time we ended up at dinner it was midnight. They told us they were going to stop serving in half an hour. We almost got turned away, but we convinced them we could eat quickly.

Chorizo. We originally didn’t order this, but a drunk tourist insisted we order it and even ordered it with our waiter as he was leaving. I have to say this is one of the best dishes that was forced upon me at a meal. One thing they don’t do in Argentina is spicy. We were told the chimichurri sauce was very spicy. It was nothing, not even a 1 on a scale from 1-10.

We weren’t very hungry so we just went with the steak. Bife de lomo.

Jugoso. The grass fed beef is so delicious. This was the first steak we had in Argentina, and it was enough to make me realize I was ruined for corn fed American beef.