Sunday Lunch in Culver City

My friend Lorenzo has been taking GMAT classes on the West Side on Sundays so he and I decided to grab some lunch together. I threw out a bunch of options, but he liked the Let’s Be Frank idea. I was very pleased because this hot dog stand is only open during the day, closed at nights. I’ve never known a place to g0 get hot dogs, except grilled on a shopping cart outside of a club at 1:00 AM.

The cart.

They offer the usual fair to garnish your dogs, but they also offer this sauce to top your dogs.

Here is the hot dog, juicy and well grilled and garnished with some onions and sauerkraut.

Still hungry but wanting to try something different, we strolled over to Pinches Tacos.

The decor is very authentic Dia de los Muertos.

This was a solid taco. The steak was perfectly charred and still very tender.

The fish taco was mediocre. I wish I was still hungry after this taco. I would have had another asada taco.

Check out Let’s Be Frank for a good hot dog, and make sure you try their Devil Sauce. If you’re still hungry, Pinches Tacos is right around the corner. Go with the asada tacos. They’re delicious.