I miss eating at Trump National Golf Club. It’s a one minute drive from my parents’ old home. I always disliked the actual restaurant at Trump but the clubhouse food is always delicious and not too expensive, especially for a place that won’t even let you hit the driving range in jeans.┬áThis past weekend they were working on their house to get it ready for renting, so I suggested we eat at the clubhouse. You can’t beat the view of the ocean while you eat.

Clam chowder.

My mom’s Chinese Chicken Salad. The conclusion was that American joints still don’t know how to deal with dishes that have vegetables.

Michelle’s burger and fries. I split this with her. Good burger.

I had the pork sandwich. This was really good, juicy and flavorful. Definitely worth another order.

Michelle and I have contemplated moving to this house, but then we’d have to eat at Trump all the time and that scares us. Gone would be the variety of life as we settled into oceanside ┬ámonotony. Not yet.