Komodo Truck

The craze has died down somewhat for chasing food trucks. If you happen to be near a place where the food trucks show up, it’s definitely a convenient meal, but the awe is gone as the market got over saturated. Still I haven’t eaten at 90% of these trucks, so I’m still up for trying them out if they’re close.

One day when I was working from home, I noticed Komodo was going to be at NPR. It doesn’t get much closer to me than that so I decided to take a look.

While I was in line I saw something that caught my eye.

That’s never a good sign when the people serving you food stopped at McDonald’s before they showed up to work, but at least it’s an Egg McMuffin. Everyone loves those.

The garlic fries with¬†Parmesan¬†cheese and truffle oil are good. Lots of garlic and cheese, two things that I can’t get enough of in my diet. They could have put that on a tin can and I probably would have eaten it.

Asian Marinated Chicken Taco. This tastes like soy sauce eggs, which I’m not a fan of so this is nothing special.

This is the Java Taco. Cucumber salad to top this one? Some peppers work better in my mind. This tastes too fresh.

Blazin’ Shrimp Taco. Look a look at the picture they have on their website versus what I have here. There’s nothing blazin’ about this shrimp whatsoever. Big thumbs down on this one.

So it doesn’t look like all I do is nitpick about food, I saved the best for last. This is the Komodo Taco. The steak is nicely cooked and corn salsa they have topping this one is delicious as well.

While they only had a success rate of 1/4 for their tacos, their fries were delicious. Still when the hunger comes calling, you won’t find me at the Komodo Truck. You’ll find me at the local taco truck that serves real tacos for a dollar. I’ll be saving money and going 4/4 on the delicious scale.