Preparing for my Man Cave

Living with Michelle has been very easy. We’re both easy going people, so there has been almost no butting of the heads. Even deciding on how to furnish and decorate the place has been a breeze. Still in the back of my mind is a fear that slowly our place will be taken over by feminine touches. That’s why I am keeping a list of items for my man cave when we get a bigger place.

The man cave will have plenty of Star Wars touches to it, which is why this particular item is a must. It’s not only cool, but it’s also very functional.

Why yes that is a Star Wars lamp and MP3 player alarm clock. Of course the only music allowed on this particular item will be music from the soundtrack to Star Wars. Nothing gets you going in the morning like the Imperial March. [via Think Geek]

Although I’m some sort of anomaly that doesn’t get hangovers, Michelle insists that it will start soon now that I am thirty. Well, when that time comes, I will be prepared.

Bacon Drink Tabs! The effervescent smell of bacon will be my hangover cure, and if Michelle is wrong and I don’t end up being a wreck the next day from a night of binge drinking, at least I’ll be able to enjoy some Bacon Beer or Bacon Scotch. [via Archie McPhee]