Fashion Week LA. Swim Wear.

Michelle and I got invited out to L.A. Fashion Week by some friends. I said I was in not because I was in to this year’s swim wear lineup but because I figured something would be free. I know. I know. It’s a shock that someone so stylish as myself wouldn’t be into fashion. Really this is my idea of fashion.

Yeah, those are my groomsmen and me, rocking the Star Wars hoodies.

I was right. The event had a hosted bar. Chevy was one of the sponsors there too, but it seemed kind of odd that they would have an open bar and ask us to test drive the Chevy Volt. “This hybrid car is crap! It crashed itself, and the cup holder spilled my beer! You owe me a new beer!”

The also had coconut water. That’s Michelle’s favorite!

Christina Milian performed at the event. Who?

Why do they always have the one Asian model with no expression? I call her Dragon Lady.

It’s a bikini. How is this special or new?

Another bikini. Again, what’s so special?

A little something for my female readership. I think I could rock this look. I mean my body looks just like this guy’s except my torso is screwed on upside down.

After the fashion show, we raced out of that place to head to Mario’s Peruvian & Seafood. We had been thinking about this place the moment we passed it on the way to the event. Michelle and I were promised the best pollo saltado ever.

We made it there in time. We ended up being the last ones in the restaurant.

I ordered an Inca Kola, probably the first soda I’ve had in half a year. It looks like Mountain Dew, but it tastes like bubble gum. I wonder if the ancient Incans actually drank anything that tasted like this.

Our friends were not kidding. The Saltado de Pollo here was good. I’ve eaten this dish at a lot of different places, but they’re generally way over salted. Mario’s manages to get it right. Top it off with some of their house green sauce and you’ve got yourself a big, delicious meal that should give you leftovers. Make sure to get some of the green sauce to go with your leftovers. It is that good. The consensus on the green sauce is that it contains crack, and based on the fact that I am willing to spend a week sleeping on the bare floor of a dirty house with no electricity as long as I get this sauce, I think I agree.

So if you’re in town next year, come for the fashion. Stay for the pollo saltado. Totally worth it.