Boiling Crab

One of Michelle’s friends from college was in town from Alaska, so we decided that a dinner was in order. Boiling Crab in Rowland Heights was the spot chosen. The rain made traffic terrible, but it also removed the wait that normally exists at this place.

Let me start off by saying that Asians do not know how to make money off of alcohol. I was early so I grabbed a beer at a bar in the same plaza as Boiling Crab, and the glass wasn’t a pint. It looked like it was 24 ounces. Back at Boiling Crab the beers were $3/bottle, way under what a restaurant normally charges for beer. While the businessman in me says this is poor business, the alcoholic inside of me nods in satisfaction.

I’ve said multiple times that I don’t like sweet potato fries. For some reason these are not as sweet as other places, and I like them. They’re like a hybrid between regular fries and sweet potato fries.

Fried oysters.

Hot wings. Michelle said these were hot. When she says something is hot, you steer clear of it.

Shrimp and crawfish. The main event.

Not to be stopped after a single meal, we headed to Class 302 across the street for dessert.

I always watched friends pour on condensed milk onto shaved ice in high school, like it was the antidote to the poison they took. I told them that they should just freeze the condensed milk and shave that. I think that’s what they do here.

As my regular readers know, I can’t stand the way Asians do dessert. This is not dessert!

I went ahead and ordered Railroad Style Noodles. This was very tasty. Can anyone recommend a place to eat something like this that’s not so far east?

On a last note, Class 302 was awesome except for the smell of stinky tofu that wafted through the restaurant for a short while. Seriously, how do people eat that shit? It smells like feet! You are an asshole if you order this stuff in a restaurant. People are trying to enjoy other foods and not lose their meal. So to all people that order stinky tofu, fuck you.