Pandora Brewery? Middle Earth Brewery?

Okay, so the name of my brewery is still in the works, but it will happen…some day. Since it was girls’ night out for Michelle and Shivani, Raaj said it was man date night for us. To ease up on the one-on-one man lovin’ I invited Tim out and we went to go learn to brew beer at Culver City Home Brewing.

The place where they hold the classes is their store where they sell the supplies and kits to brew your own beer. They could run a much more efficient shop, but I get the impression that the guys that run the store really enjoy brewing their own stuff and teaching others. There’s no need to conquer the world just yet.

Adding malt extract.

Letting everyone get a smell of the hops.

While it was really cool to see how easy it is to brew your own beer, I don’t think I have the time or space to commit at this time to making my own beer. With the shitty apartment stove and lack of storage space it just doesn’t seem to make sense at this time.

But if there’s a sign that I will brew in the future, this is it.