Dollar tacos? What a ripoff!

We’ve been looking for a new building for next year when our lease is up. Our search has taken us all over Los Angeles County. One of the places we’re looking is Bellflower. In doing some research with the city hall and the police substation, I saw this.

“Tacos for less than a dollar,” I thought. “I have a company luncheon in a couple of hours. I’d better just get two.”

Their menu is much like those in any number of burger joints that have evolved to serve breakfast, hot dogs, burritos, shrimp, and steak. I wasn’t here for those things though. I was here for tacos!

The first one I tried was chicken. This was just okay except for the sauce. The salsa on this is delicious. It has the very slightest hint of heat and a sweetness to it that would make me eat my shoe if it had this salsa on it.

The second taco I tried was the carnitas. This again was just okay, nothing spectacular going on with the meat, but the salsa covers a multitude of mediocrity.

If we decide to move the company to Bellflower, eating tacos will be part of my financial investment plan. Lunch for less than $3/day? Yes, please.