Beautiful People and Douche Bags

Audrey Magazine put together a fashion show, Audrey’s Night Out. It was hosted at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

We looked in this car and there was a flask on the seat labeled, “Lindsay.”

The staff that helped put it together.

Why yes, Michelle IS wearing leather and faux fur.

The red carpet was abuzz that night. The K-Town reality show cast even showed up. (See title.) Has anyone bought their show? I hope not.

Of course my favorite part as a plus one to these events is that my only responsibility is to enjoy the hosted bar. Hello, Ketel One!

But this is where I spent most of my night.

Maybe we also found a box of chicken wings and huddled around it, eating voraciously.

And maybe I befriended the Stella guy and got more than my share of glasses to take home. Also, an ice bucket with the Stella logo.