Blogger Prom v2.0

Michelle and I were honored to be invited once again to Blogger Prom. I would call it the LA Blogger Prom, but let’s face it. LA is the only one making it happen thanks to the blogging community and to the awesome Blogger Prom Committee, who really hooked up a fantastic evening.

The venue: Yamashiro. Overlooking Los Angeles from the Hollywood Hills. It was a great choice. Elegant but done in a way that was open and fun.

I had no idea there were Koi in this pond until I looked the photos on my computer.

A projector was set up to pull Twitter feeds about the event. Nothing bloggers love more than the Internet.

It was a dream come true for @michellewoo.

Yay, blogger friends! Sorry for the shitty pictures. I should have just brought the point and shoot and flashed every shot. Wait, that sounds like it involves nudity.

Look out for this Scotch. It’s about to make its push into LA.

Passed small bites were delicious.

You can see all the shadows hovering over the plate. We’re pretty sure the servers judge you quietly, as you pretend you’ve never seen the dish they’re serving, when you’ve actually had seven or eight. “What’s this one? That sounds interesting. I think I’ll try one…for the first time…ever.”

Look how fast Michelle is working the cheese platter!

Mad Men Hair. It took so much gel to get my short hair down, but you couldn’t wear your hair up as a man in Hollywood. You probably couldn’t be Asian either. Yay for breaking racial barriers!

The after party at Test Kitchen LA was just as awesome with some really awesome mixologists putting together some awesome drinks. I need to expand my vocabulary. It was rad.

Hooch. Not the kind isn’t made in your basement in a bathtub, but it’ll do the trick.

It was a spectacular event. I’m already looking forward to the next one. Must stay cool on the Internet for at least another year. Many thanks again to the committee for being so badass.