Lunch for Dinner

Why would you name a place Lunch if it serves more than that? It’s so limiting. Fortunately, I’m not into labels and can look past something like this. It’s a good thing I did too because the food here is tasty.

The sangria here is very light and refreshing. Normally I only think this about white wine sangria.

Calamari. The more tentacles, the better.

Steak sandwich. I had a few bites of this one, and I was not digging the Gorgonzola cheese in it. It’s not really a taste I like, but other than that it’s an awesome sandwich. Steak is cooked perfectly, complimented well by the caramelized onions.

Cuban Sandwich.

Pork loin, ham, swiss, pickles, dilljionnaise, all on a french roll.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or something in between Lunch gets my nod of approval for a meal. Hot sandwiches always have a special place for me. They’re a casual snack, turned into a real meal and Lunch does this well.