Do foodies only hang out with foodies?

I’ve met a variety of people both online and away from the computer because of my food adventures. They don’t all run in the same circles, but something I noticed about them is that they only seem to hang out with other food bloggers. Their food adventures almost always seem to involve at least one other online food personality. This strikes me as odd. What about all your other friends that aren’t online food personalities?

Almost none of my friends have online presence other than Facebook. To them Michelle and I are the King and Queen of the Internet. I really do enjoy being called that. While I have nothing against sharing a meal with someone I’ve met online through a common interest of food, I’d much rather share that meal with a close friend that I’ve known for a long time.

So what’s the deal? Have I not given myself the opportunity to get close to people just because I’ve met them through the Internet? Am I too attached to my existing circle of friends? Are all the food bloggers transplants that start from scratch in the friends department and they flock to those similar to them? Did all the non food blogging friends get sucked into the world of food blogging? Maybe it’s that food bloggers are all opinionated assholes and no one else can stand to be around them? I know it’s not this one. Not ALL of you anyway. (I kid!)

Help me understand the social dynamics of food bloggers. Am I missing something or am I  just a rare breed in the fold?