Photo Booth Madness

One of the things I love is capturing memories in images. So it was an absolute must for us to have a photo booth of some sort at our wedding. After looking at all the other costs, I didn’t want to pay for a photo booth rental. Instead I took my dSLR and hooked it up to my laptop to preview the photos as they were taken.

Here is the backdrop of our photo booth, ivy intertwined with pom poms and twirly whirlies.

There were plenty of fun props to play with for the photos.

It was also nice to have a non traditional photo booth, because you can cram more people into the frame.

Some people started getting amorous.

Most of the people just had a good time being silly.

Even some of our older friends and relatives got in on the fun.

This is super impressive timing to get all four of them in the air like this.

A fight did break out over people hogging the camera time.

Some people were naturals when it came to photos. It’s like art.

There was even a light saber battle or two that night.

Michelle’s family loved the photo booth.

Cheese! Is this thing working? There we go!

I’m high on life.

Making love to the camera.

Everyone enjoyed it until the very end of the night.

I was super happy about the way the photo booth turned out on my first try. I’d love to set this up for some other event some time. If anyone has an occasion, give me a holler. I’m much less expensive than those other guys and probably the best looking photo booth operator you’ll find out there. For now, please enjoy the some more of our photos on our wedding website.