Downtown Culver City Summer Nights

Since the wedding, Michelle and I have been pretty lazy. Yes, we no longer have a wedding to worry about, but we can’t bring ourselves to be productive in other areas. Our place is still a mess of wedding paraphernalia, and we really haven’t cooked very much. In one of many unproductive nights, we decided to check out Culver City Summer Block Parties. These special Wednesday nights, although labeled summer, run through October apparently. At five minutes to 7:00 PM I said, “We should go to Culver Hotel. They’re having free, passed mini appetizers on the hour.” Before I could get a response, Michelle was out the door and I was following her.

Some popcorn to munch on while we decide what to eat.

Meatball. It tastes…like a meatball. What does a good meatball taste like anyway?

Mini grilled cheese bites were also being served. I could really do without the sourdough bread, but Gruyere is an excellent choice.

Here are the mini sausage corn dogs with spicy mustard and ketchup.

Chicken drummettes. For the life of me I cannot remember what this tasted like other than that I know I really liked the sauce.

I do remember this. Steak sandwich. Give me this any day over any of the gourmet burger joints in Los Angeles.